10th webinar – Pronunciation Games as Warmers and Time Fillers – Daryna Luhovska

Pronunciation Games as Warmers and Time Fillers

We usually help our students with some pronunciation while teaching systems (grammar and vocabulary) and there is some pronunciation work during delayed error correction.

When students are tired, we tend to give them a fun, short activity to give them a little break and to wake them up. However, how often do we actually use pronunciation games to do so? The answer is (almost) never. Clearly, pronunciation is crucial, which means that practising it in class on a regular basis is as important as anything else we choose to teach in class. It is evident that we, teachers, and our students might not be ready for such changes.

So, why don’t we start small and have short, fun, interactive, but at the same time such important, purposeful and effective pronunciation games starting from, say, tomorrow? In this practical workshop, you will get a chance to try out many activities that will not only be fun warmers or time fillers but will also help your students improve their pronunciation greatly.

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