2020 Event in Łódź

HighTech – Teachers’ Promised Land

29th IATEFL POLAND On-line Meet Up
ŁÓDŹ, 18-19 September 2020
Faculty of Electrical, Electronic, Computer and Control Engineering
 Lodz University of Technology

We cordially invite you to the 29th IATEFL Poland Conference in Łódź.

The On-line Meet-up is one of the largest events for teachers of English as a foreign language with over 1000 participants willing to seek new ways and innovative solutions to be adopted in the learning-teaching environment. Could there be a better place to explore the conference motto HighTech – Teachers’ Promised Land than a technical university based in a fast developing city with a post-industrial history? Let us meet at Lodz University of Technology to draw the best from the expertise of professionals working with modern pedagogies and to learn how to support blended learning and active students’ participation among other fast-developing methods. Do not miss the opportunity to discover teachers’ promised land of contemporary language education.

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