BEGINNING AGAIN – WHAT’S CHANGED? – a webinar by Susan Holden

Dear Colleagues,

IATEFL Poland and Susan Holden, a teacher, trainer, writer, editor and publisher

have the pleasure to invite you to the webinar

which took place on Wednesday, 12th January 2022, from 20.30 to 21.30 CET.

Your registration will be made via Zoom platform

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Brief summary:

One positive outcome of the last 18 months is the realisation that all of us have had to work many things out. based on our own practical reality.
What will the 2022 reality be?
Do we go back to the way we were doing things in 2019?
Why? Why not?
What questions should we ask ourselves?
What answers do we want to find?

Teachers, trainers, writers, learners…. what do you want this year to bring?
The aim of the session is to think critically and creatively independently and together.

Happy New Year!

IATEFL Poland members have priority of registration for this webinar.
Do not delay. The number of participants is limited.

After the webinar all participants will receive a certificate of participation.

Professional profile

Susan Holden has a long experience as a teacher, trainer, writer, editor and publisher.
Currently based in Scotland, she runs Swan Communication, publishing question-raising methodology titles, including ‘The Non-Native Teacher’ by Peter Medgyes


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