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Christmas rhymes

  1. It is winter, it is cold

Santa Claus is very old

But he is always full of joy

And glad to give me a nice toy

  1. Red, green, white

Red, green, white

Xmas colours, Xmas colours

Red is the colour on holly wreaths

Green is the colour of Xmas trees

White is the colour from stars

Red, green, white

Red, green, white

  1. It is winter, it is Xmas

Look at our Xmas trees

There are big balls

Bells and lights

Red and orange, green and yellow

Pink and purple, blue and white

  1. Look! It is snowman

He is tall and fat

He has a carrot for his nose

And a funny red hat

  1. Snowflakes, snowflakes

Dance around

Snowflakes, snowflakes

Touch the ground

Snowflakes, snowflakes

In the air

Snowflakes, snowflakes


  1. One little, two little

Three little snowflakes

Four little, five little

Six little snowflakes

Seven little, eight little

Nine little snowflakes

Ten little snowflakes

Falling down

  1. What is Christmas?

I’ll tell you

It’s putting love

In all you do

In your work, in your play

In your living every day.

  1. Three Christmas trees

In the garden shop

Tall and green

With a star on the top

Along Came a child

With some money one day

Bought a Christmas tree

And took it away

  1. A cute little snowman

Had a carrot nose

Along came a rabbit

And what do you suppose

That cute little rabbit

Looking for his lunch

Ate that snowman’s carrot nose

Nibble, nibble, crunch.

  1. Santa Claus

His hair is white

His clothes are red

He wears a hat to cover his head

He laughs this way: Ho!Ho!Ho!

And drives his sleigh

Through sleet and snow

  1. S-A-N-T-A

Who laughs this way?


Who drives his sleigh

through sleet and snow?


His hair is white

His nose is red

He wears a hat

to cover his head

Who brings fun

for girls and boys?


  1. Rudolph

Rudolph with his nose so bright

Guides the sleigh at Christmas night

Bright and merry. With all your cheer


Lets us know that Christmas is here

Delivering gifts for everyone.


Leads Santa back when the night is done

  1. Rudolph

I’m a liitle reindeer

Ready to fly

I’ll put Santa’s sleigh

Up in the sky

Christmas is here,

We can’t be late

All the children just

Cannot wait.

  1. Little pine tree

In summertime

My branches were a place

For birds to nest

In autumn

My branches were their place

For food and rest

And now that wintertime is here

I hope to be all glittering

Bright with snowflakes

The little birds’ Christmas tree.

Urszula Kropaczewska

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