What is critical thinking? How can language teachers really teach critical thinking?

Ron Mukerji


“Critical thinking” is the buzzword. Everyone talks about it. The academia and other authorities want teachers to teach it – no matter what subject they teach – it’s the invisible part of the curriculum. But what exactly is critical thinking? How exactly can we, as language teachers, teach it? In this talk, I would like to share some of my ideas and encourage you share some of yours.


A consultant for various language teaching schools, Ron has over 25 years of experience in the world of ELT as a teacher, ELT content writer, corporate trainer, teacher trainer and academic manager. He has run workshops and presented talks all over Europe. Ron is especially known for his work in using technology to enhance feedback, teaching online and blended learning and testing. Ron is a strong believer in education for all and focuses particularly on FREE digital tools.

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Type of presentation: Talk
Presentation is for: General audience
Presentation focuses on: EFL education
Presentation Coding: General (GEN) Non-Commercial
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Scheduled for

Date: Saturday, 2022-09-17, 18:20 - 19:00
Place: Lecture Hall 3.1