The Unholy Grail: Debunking Learner Centredness

Piotr Steinbrich


Learner centredness is one of the key notions of modern language teaching. In this talk I will argue that it is not only overestimated, but also hard, if not impossible, to implement. I will present some classroom scenarios and practical activities that can be used in the secondary classroom to demonstrate how to meander between the teacher and learner zones.


Piotr Steinbrich is a teacher, teacher trainer, materials writers and consultant. A regular at IATEFL since 1995 with plenaries, talks, workshops and live lessons. A speaker at various ELT conferences in Europe, Asia, Central and South America.

Presentation Details

Type of presentation: Talk
Presentation is for: General audience
Presentation focuses on: Secondary education
Presentation Coding: General (GEN) Non-Commercial
Speaking on behalf of a publisher, examination board, or commercial organisation? Yes, On behalf of Cambridge University Press & Assessment/PWN

Scheduled for

Date: Friday, 2022-09-16, 13:30 - 14:30
Place: prof.ZiembiƄskiego Aula