Mind the _____: rediscovering gap-fills

Leo Selivan


Gap-fill exercises have been criticised for being boring, unauthentic and mechanical: they focus only on receptive knowledge (of vocabulary) and the correct form with little attention paid to meaning (for grammar). Let's discover how, with a bit of imagination, we can put a 'spark' into gap-fills making them more effective and meaningful tools for language practice and review.


Over his almost 20 years in ELT, Leo Selivan has worked as a teacher, teacher trainer, examiner, lecturer and materials developer. Known on social media as Lexical Leo, he is passionate about the Lexical Approach, which was the subject of his first book, Lexical Grammar (CUP, 2018). His second book, Activities for Alternative Assessment (DELTA Publishing), came out last year.

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Type of presentation: Workshop
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Presentation focuses on: EFL education
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Date: Friday, 2022-09-16, 17:10 - 17:50
Place: Lecture Hall 3.1