With head in the clouds during English lessons

Katarzyna Wiącek


Do you sometimes catch your students daydreaming during the lesson? Or do you catch yourself daydreaming about students always behaving well and understanding everything you say to the them? Why don’t you try to stop having your head in the clouds but actually use the clouds to encourage your students to learn and participate actively in the lesson? During this workshop I will present a set of activities in which clouds are used to teach vocabulary, practise grammar and develop different skills. You will get to know tested ideas for simple yet engaging lessons, which will appeal to students’ liking. Not only you as the teacher but also your pupils will be responsible for creating the tasks. This as well as personalization of the activities will increase the engagement even more.


Katarzyna Wiącek is an English teacher, ELT materials writer and teacher trainer with 16 years of experience. She loves engaging her students by using simple activities which promote critical thinking and diversity. She has been running her own website Enjoy English since April 2016 (katarzynawiacek.pl) where she helps teachers save their time by sharing different ideas for lessons and ready materials for different levels.

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Type of presentation: Workshop
Presentation is for: General audience
Presentation focuses on: EFL education
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Scheduled for

Date: Saturday, 2022-09-17, 13:10 - 13:50
Place: Lecture Hall 4.14