Encouraging Thinking Outside the Box: Developing Creativity in Teenagers

Herbert Puchta


Creative students are considered to be more flexible cognitively, a quality sought in the interview process for entry to top universities. Discover how micro-creativity and ‘small steps – fast pace’ activities can unlock teenagers’ creative potential and guide them towards risk-taking without fear of failure. Explore creative problem solving. Learn how ‘percolation’ can be used to help teenagers fight procrastination in creative writing.


Herbert Puchta holds a PhD in ELT Pedagogy, was Professor of English at the Teacher Training University in Graz, Austria, and is a well-known plenary speaker at numerous international conferences. He was also President of IATEFL, the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language. For more than three decades, Herbert has done research into the practical application of findings from cognitive psychology and brain research to the teaching of English as a foreign language. Herbert has written numerous course books as well as articles and resource books. His latest resource books are Activities for Very Young Learners and 101 Tips for Teaching Teenagers. His most recent course books are Super Minds 2nd edition for primary students, Think 2nd edition for teens, and Empower 2nd edition for adults and young adults, all published by Cambridge University Press.

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Date: Saturday, 2022-09-17, 10:10 - 11:10
Place: prof.Ziembińskiego Aula