Future skills: what will make our students employable?

Mike Mayor


In 2017, Pearson partnered with Nesta and Oxford Martin School to explore the skills that employers would be looking for in 2030. At that time, much was being made about the impact of technology and automation on jobs, and research indicated a disconnect between the opinion of chief academic officers, who felt they were preparing their students for the workplace, and employers who were struggling to find candidates with the right skill set. The global pandemic has, if anything, accelerated changes in the job market and the future seems more uncertain than ever. What is it then that we as educators can do to prepare our learners for such uncertainties? What are the skills that will make them employable in 2030 and beyond? And is it the place of ELT teachers to be teaching these skills? This presentation explores the issues within the context of Pearson’s Employability Framework and introduces the Skill Development Frameworks that have been developed with experts from around the world to help identify increasing mastery of these future skills.


Mike Mayor is Senior Director, English Learning Research and Design at Pearson. On leaving university, Mike worked as a teacher of English in France before entering the world of publishing as a lexicographer. Mike joined Pearson in 2003 and headed up the Longman dictionaries list until his move into Learning Research and Design in 2013. In this role, Mike leads a team of learning designers that developed the Global Scale of English. Mike has a BA (Hons) in French Language and Literature and a Masters in English and Applied Linguistics from Cambridge University.

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Date: Saturday, 2022-09-17, 09:00 - 10:00
Place: prof.Ziembińskiego Aula