Long and Winding Road: a non-sentimental look at the past, a stopover in the present, and a vision for the future of ELT

Czesław Kiński, Dr Jacek Łagun


Foreign language teaching is no different from other areas of life with its vulnerability to various fashions, trends or fads. One possible approach would be to follow every novelty on the market, another – to resist any change and rest comforted, knowing that what we learnt back at college is still good enough. Better still, we might take a pause for thought and reflect on the idea before accepting or rejecting it. Having been part of the teaching community for over a quarter of a century, we’d like to invite you to go down the memory lane with us as we take a reflective look on the ideas, big and small, which have created out teaching toolbox. For a change, we would like to offer our very personal perspective on the other, somewhat neglected at times, participant in the educational process – the teacher. Important: as our goal is to offer a sense of reflection, not perfection, we’ll be sharing some of our most epic teaching blunders. Who knows, we might even ask you to share some of yours. Come at your own risk ;).


We're both university lecturers and practising teachers with an interest in the teacher-student relationship and student emotions in foreign language learning. Our mission is to provide a bridge between scientific research and everyday classroom life, and to encourage our listeners to reflect on their teaching practice.

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Type of presentation: Talk
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Date: Sunday, 2022-09-18, 13:25 - 14:25
Place: prof.Ziembińskiego Aula