Small things can make a big difference -creating a world we want to live in

Alicja Gałązka


IIf we want to have a world that is good for all in the future, perhaps we have to stop thinking just about our own happiness but understand that we are all interconnected There are significant opportunities to cultivate high-quality connections within the world of education. It's not a quick fix. It is about the long game, including commitment, consistency, courage, investing time, and frequently requires a culture shift within a team or an organisation. During the presentation you will learn how to make changes in the classroom and school through positive interventions


Professor at the University of Silesia, a psychotherapist, psychologist, linguist, a licenced coach and an international master trainer. A President of ICI (International Coaching Institute ) in Poland. A co-author of recently publish book “ Process drama for second language teaching and learning-a toolkit for developing language and life skills”. She actively works with teachers, school managers and pupils on developing their well-being and resilience.

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Type of presentation: Talk
Presentation is for: General audience
Presentation focuses on: EFL education
Presentation Coding: General (GEN) Non-Commercial
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Date: Saturday, 2022-09-17, 18:20 - 19:00
Place: prof.Ziembińskiego Aula