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August 2012

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Wrocław 2012 Conference

As the Wrocław Conference draws ever nearer, and the feelings of excitement, anticipation, and expectancy grow... you can begin to plan your weekend schedule now, as the latest programme of events has been published on the main website. Some changes have been made from the first version, so please check the latest news.

For me, as Newsletter Editor, I maybe sent you the last e-bulletin too early in the developing process, as I had no information about a particular Friday evening event when we went to print. I also received some bad news after you would have received the e-bulletin, so I will make amends here.

The Good News

Our guest speakers are really flexing their muscles to a big extent this year, and Michael Swan, our re-invited ‘best’ speaker from last year’s Conference, is presenting, in conjunction with another firm favourite of ours, David A. Hill, a very special evening of poetry on the first night of the Conference. Titled: ‘Hidden Depths, Hidden Shallows’ – it will be a poetical exploration of relationships, identity and the natural world, as both authors/speakers read from their own original and personal collections.

The event will be kindly sponsored by City & Guilds, and Michael will read from ‘When They Come For You’ (2003), and ‘The Shapes of Things’ (2011). David will treat us to selections from ‘The Eagles and the Sun’ (1986), ‘The Judas Tree’ (1993), ‘Singing to Seals’ (1999), and ‘Mothworld’ (2010). We’ve seen David perform some scintillating jazz before, and I am sure he will provide us with more sparkling entertainment here. Two men of great talent who have contributed so much to IATEFL over the years, and not just in Poland! So, do come along on the Friday evening and enjoy what is sure to be a memorable event.

Polishing up your English!

For those teachers who wish to improve their English language skills at the Conference, we are providing sessions led by Native-Speakers. However, you knew that already! Well, what you didn’t know is that the Native-Speakers will be none other than Jeremy Harmer and Hugh Dellar! Wow! Jeremy will provide two sessions: on Friday at 4pm, and on Saturday at 6pm, both in room 113, D20. Hugh, in the same room, will be conducting his session on Sunday morning at 10.15. Three chances to take advantage of an interesting and special opportunity... I’d love to be there, and I’m a Native-Speaker!

Live Lessons (Observations)

As I mentioned in the previous e-bulletin, we will be conducting real, live lessons this year. You can come and observe them, as local students are taught in Conference venue classrooms. I can now reveal the list of teachers who have volunteered to ‘come under scrutiny’.

  1. Mark Andrews - Friday 17.15 Room 113/D20.
  2. Rebecca Mason - Saturday 10.15 and 16.30 Room 113/D20.
  3. Urszula Kropaczewska - Saturday 11.45 Room 113/D20 - (Primary).
  4. Hugh Dellar - Saturday 11.45 Room 114/D20 (Secondary).
  5. Piotr Steinbrich - Sunday 11.30 Room 113/D20.

Now the bad news

In the last e-bulletin, I told you that an old favourite of ours, Geoff Tranter was coming to Wrocław. Well, he was, at that stage! A few days later, and our organisers received a letter of apology from Geoff stating that he had other commitments in London clashing with the Wrocław weekend, and IATEFL sadly took second place. You could wipe the floor with their tears! No ‘Mr. Humour’ this year... We’ll miss you, Geoff, but I’m sure you’ll be back next year, even better and funnier than before!

And the really tragic news

I won’t be there, either! If you want to find out why, (and it’s the best possible reason, I think) ask Anna Rogalewicz-Galucka, one of our Conference organisers, when she has a quiet moment, at Wrocław, if she has one! It will be the first IATEFL Poland Conference I have missed in 18 years! As it looks like being one of the most innovative, I am really sad when I think about what I will be missing.

...but you have no excuses!!! Register now! Then, tell me later, what a great Conference it was! (in writing, of course)! So, dear friends, the Conference weekend may well be eventful for me, too, and I’m hoping for a lot of joy. And may you all have ‘radość’ in bundles at Wrocław!

Peter Whiley
(Newsletter Editor)

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