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September 2012

E-Bulletin Special from IATEFL Poland keeping you informed


Wrocław 2012 Conference

Welcome everyone to a final Conference e-bulletin update. I have some snippets of interesting news for you!


Wrocław 2012 Conference

A big wow here! A boat cruise with meal and music! Yes, we are supplying as many boats as we need to fit you all in! (100-120 people per boat) – so, if 500 Conference delegates want to come on the boat trip, we will provide 5 boats. No worrying, therefore, about over-crowding or not having a comfortable ride.

Wrocław 2012 Conference

See the beautiful city of Wrocław in all its glory. The conference organisers promise “unforgettable experiences and beautiful photos”. You can also, apparently, disembark at places which are hard to access by car or bike. Having been to Wrocław several times, I can confirm that this will be an entertainment ‘par excellence’ (especially if the good weather stays)!


Friday 7th September – 18.30 Conference Venue: Aula AC.

Wrocław 2012 Conference

David Fisher and his gang of theatrical stars will be presenting for you a famous one-act play based on a very dynamic story of an argument between a young widow and a gentleman farmer in 19th Century Russia. The play will be accompanied by a workshop which looks at the psychological differences between men and women in a very entertaining way. That certainly sounds like great fun, and interesting, too! It will also be educational, as their work is based around educational development of their audiences (usually students of all levels). See them in action and book them for a performance in your school! They tour Poland each year, so that is distinctly possible. Catch David when he has a free moment, and negotiate with him.


This year, we have more international guests than usual. Some, you may already know. However, you can meet them in person at our IATEFL Poland Stand (number 1a) ...or come to one of their workshops. The list of guests from abroad is as follows:-

Wrocław 2012 Conference
  1. Hana Zdimalova – Czech Republic
  2. Zeljko Andrijanic - ELTA Serbia
  3. Katrin Saks - EATE Estonia
  4. Debbie West - TESOL, France
  5. Bethany Cagnol - TESOL, France
  6. Tsveta Vrabcheva - BETA, Bulgaria
  7. Bursa Delen - INGED, Turkey
  8. Aneta Naumoska - ELTAM, Macedonia


David A. Hill - ‘Whose Culture are you teaching?’ (sponsored by City & Guilds)

Wrocław 2012 Conference

Background culture used to be a fundamental element of a language course. No coursebook was complete without its red ‘phone boxes and cups of tea. Yet, in these days of language for communication, that cultural background is neither useful nor ornamental. What should we fill the cultural void with? David will point the way forward, and discuss the background to these issues.

****David will also present during the Conference, a workshop titled: ‘Real Speaking for the Real World’. This talk will look at the nature of real speech and its unbreakable bond with listening. It will deal with such issues as Englishes and English as a Lingua Franca in the context of who our students will really be communicating with in the coming years. It will examine examples of real speech and suggest practical ideas for their use in the classroom.

****In these days of increasing usage of informal English due to tweeting, e-mailing, and texting, what is ‘real speech’? It’s a major topic and a massive challenge for teachers. So, do come to David’s workshop and plenary – they will be enlightening and invaluable. (Ed.). Both of his sessions are non-commercial, btw!


David A. Hill: A freelance materials writer and teacher-trainer based in Budapest, he has worked full-time for the British Council (18 years). David has trained teachers for Pilgrims (12 summers), NILE (12 summers), and Bell (2 summers). He is Co-ordinator of IATEFL UK’s Literature, Media, and Cultural Studies SIG and has spoken at IATEFL Poland Conferences on many occasions. Not to mention his singing and poetry readings!


Wrocław 2012 Conference

Please remember, all speakers... your workshop/plenary transcripts should be sent to me before the Conference starts! foxypeter@hotmail.com

Time is running out, but you should be ready and prepared with your talks, so pass on the transcripts to me for the next Newsletter edition, which will be read by all our members. If you wish to present at future IATEFL Conferences, then please do this. Do not make them too long... 3-4 pages of A4 is more than enough.

A big thank-you to those who have already sent them to me.


It’s a truly packed programme with 10 or more workshops/sessions per hour. Will there be a ‘Happy Hour’? Yes, that will be on the Saturday afternoon, as usual. So, take the opportunity to buy some books from a wide range of choice, at a discount price!

Come to the AGM and find out what really goes on behind the scenes. You may just also win a special 2-week sponsored language course in the UK!

Pay a visit to the IATEFL Stand, and talk to the Committee members on duty about our organisation, and how you can be involved to a greater degree.

Be busy, and enjoy a delightful and useful Conference! You may also make a few new friends along the way!

Peter Whiley
(Newsletter Editor)

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