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February 2014

E-Bulletin from IATEFL Poland keeping you informed


Peter Whiley

Welcome everyone to 2014, and another edition of IATEFL Poland’s E-bulletin, packed with bumper news! The year has started with a bang, as an ESP mini-Conference took place in Lublin on January, - the first of its kind for IATEFL Poland - and the renowned and dedicated Tessa Woodward will come to Poznań and Wrocław soon, to conduct the latest in a long line of memorable workshops. We have further good news for you via our link up with Mondiale Testing, who have just started an institutional membership with us. They will be offering a special deal (20 grants) for IATEFL Poland members, regarding an Easter webinar 8-session course! I have news for you from the regions, as well as an outline of exciting, proposed changes for our next Annual Conference at Lublin in September.

Lublin ESP Conference

Taking place at the impressive University of Life Sciences in Lublin, this was the first event of its kind for IATEFL Poland, and the good news is that it sold out! All 180 places were taken! This represents a great start for our latest SIG - ESP (English for Special Purposes), which is to be co-ordinated by Joanna Rączkiewicz. Much credit for this package of developments goes to Joasia, and her fellow local Conference organisers, Grażyna Roguska, Urszula Szuma, and Barbara Adamus, not to mention our President, Sławomir Nowikowski, who is based in Lublin, along with our kind sponsors of the event, Mondiale Testing, thanks to whom, the event was free. All the above people will be very busy for the rest of the year as they prepare us for the 23rd Annual Conference on September 12th-14th, along with our usual expert Conference organisers, Anna Rogalewicz-Gałucka and Natalia Małecka. For further details about what was on offer at the ESP Conference, visit our main website.

Post-(Łódź) Conference Newsletter

More good news: it will be published much earlier than usual this year, and the difficult selection of articles and reports has already been made. Materials are ready for the printers to start the typesetting/layout process, and I am hopeful that copies will be distributed sometime in February. I can safely say that the usual standard of first-class articles has been maintained, and there should be plenty to satisfy all readers.

Tessa Woodward Mini-Tour (Wrocław and Poznań)

I am delighted to announce that after a few years of waiting, Tessa Woodward is finally coming to Poland, as she promised! Much credit for this must go to the persistence of Joanna Leszkiewicz, the Wrocław Regional Rep., who visualised such a tour, and never gave up on the idea. Here are the details you need:

Saturday March 15th, 2014 at 9.30 am

Workshop:"Thinking In the EFL Class"
Venue:The Teacher-Training College (Nauczycielskie Kolegium Języków Obcych, we Wrocławiu)
ul. Skarbowców 8a
53-025 Wrocław
  • Free for IATEFL Members
  • Early Registration Fee for Non-IATEFLers: 20 PLN (payable by March the 3rd, 2014) into IATEFL’s Bank Account in Bank Zachodni, WBK o/Warszawa
    Account no: 16 1090 1883 0000 0001 0194 5244
    Stowarzyszenie Nauczycieli Języka Angielskiego w Polsce, IATEFL Poland
    ul. Michałowskiego 4
    31-126 Kraków
    with the annotation: "Szkolenie językowe IATEFL Poland - Region Wrocław 15/03/2014".
    Copy of proof of payment to be sent to: joanna.leszkiewicz@pwr.wroc.pl
  • Payment on the day at the event: 30 PLN
  • Refreshments will be served during a 30-minute break, and the event is due to finish at approximately 1pm.
  • Certificates of Attendance for all workshop participants will be issued.

Sunday March 16th, 2014 at 10.30 am

Workshop:"Thinking In the EFL Class"
Venue:Poznan - venue to be announced. Contact: anna.kolbuszewska@iatefl.org.pl for further details and bookings.
Other details:as above, except for the payment annotation, which should be: "Region Poznan 16/03/2014".

Please confirm your attendance at the workshop(s) by: Monday, March the 10th, 2014, at the latest, via e-mail to: joanna.leszkiewicz@pwr.wroc.pl or agn.mirowska@gmail.com You will be able to buy Tessa's book, "Thinking in the EFL Class" at the workshops, from a Helbling Languages' Rep.

The Workshops: "Thinking in the EFL Class"

They will be practical, and require you, the participants, to try out ideas from the book, which need little preparation, and no technology! You will experience them as a student would. After each idea has been tried out, there will be discussion about their advantages/disadvantages, and how you can adapt them for your classrooms, and your style of teaching, and make them technological, if necessary. The language ideas are useful for secondary and tertiary classes, and will help you to set up an atmosphere conducive to thinking.

3 main organisers of the tour are: Joanna Leszkiewicz (Wrocław Regional Rep.), Agnieszka Mirowska (Teacher-Training SIG Co-ordinator), and Tomasz Gładysz (Head of the Teacher-Training College, NKJO, in Wrocław).

Tessa Woodward

A Teacher, Teacher-Trainer, and Professional Development Co-ordinator at Hilderstone College, Broadstairs, Kent, UK, Tessa is editor of "The Teacher Trainer" Journal, for Pilgrims, Canterbury, UK. President of IATEFL UK from 2005-2006, she is now one of their "international ambassadors".

Author of many books and articles, her latest book, "Thinking in the EFL Class" was published in 2011, by Helbling, and she has a book, co-authored with Seth Lindstromberg, in the pipeline, titled: "Something to Say". She is very interested in how adults learn.

Acknowledged by many, as one of the best-ever IATEFL UK Plenary talks, she dealt with the topic of what stages a teacher goes through when following a long teaching career.

In her free time, (which is scarce) she loves horse-riding, singing, writing, walking, and being with friends.

Recent workshops

Much has been happening lately, and IATEFL BESIG and Krakow Region got together to put on a workshop conducted by Patricia Callan, an American based in Stuttgart, Germany. The venue was the University of Rzeszów, and the date for the event was the 14th January. An active member of IATEFL BESIG and an enthusiastic teacher, Patricia’s workshop was titled: "Activities for learning vocabulary and expressions useful in the business environment". Her active, practical workshop contained some original ideas, and Patricia was keen to share them with participants. Much credit for organising the workshop goes to Maria Cyrankowska, (Kraków Regional Rep.).

Melanie Ellis Workshop Melanie Ellis Workshop

In December, Agnieszka Mirowska and Joanna Leszkiewicz organised a joint Teacher-Training SIG and Wrocław Region 4-hour Workshop, with the guest presenter being the "Native-Speaker Methodological Guru of Poland" Melanie Ellis, from the Teacher-Training College in Zabrze. A well-attended event (42 teachers), - despite adverse weather on the day, was hosted by Wrocław Teacher-Training College (NKJO), and was titled: "Getting Your Learners to think and work things out for themselves". "Reading between the lines", "scaffolding and mediation strategies", "dynamic assessment" and "critical thinking skills" were strong features of what was described by the participants as "a useful and inspiring workshop!"

Ordinary General Meeting

IATEFL Poland invites all members to attend our OGM: Ordinary General Meeting of the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language in Poland (IATEFL Poland), which will be held in the former BUW building of Warsaw University, Krakowskie Przedmieście 26/28, in Warsaw, on Saturday the 9th of May, 2014. Starting time yet to be announced (please go to the main website for further information in due course). We hope to see many of you there.

Certification of Language Competence in the Tertiary System of Education

One-Day Conference in Lublin, 28th February, 2014

An important event for ambitious teachers wanting to work/working at the tertiary level. Certification is a requirement not to be ignored. Read the list of four sessions below:

  1. "Language Policy in the European Union – Teaching Languages for the Labour Market", mgr. Ryszard Rasiński (Univ. of Łódź).
  2. "Certificare necesse est?", mgr. Jolanta Urbanikowa (Univ. of Warsaw).
  3. "Enhancing the CEFR to profile LANGUAGE SKILLS", Konrad Dejko, Pearson.
  4. "Certificate of Language Proficiency – problems, challenges, solutions" (presentation of the language certificate policy worked out by the University of Warsaw), dr. hab. prof. UW Jolanta Sujecka-Zając and mgr. Ludmila Sobolew (Univ. of Warsaw).

An interesting, challenging day is promised, and for further details, please contact IATEFL’s Office Administrator, Anna Rogalewicz-Gałucka at: office@iatefl.org.pl

23rd Annual IATEFL Poland International Conference

12th-14th September 2014
Hosted by the Foreign Languages Teaching Centre of the University of Life Sciences in Lublin
Venue: Centrum Kongresowe Uniwersytetu Przyrodniczego, ul. Akademicka 15, Lublin

A little earlier than usual, but this Conference is special as it marks the first Annual IATEFL Poland International Conference to be held in Lublin. The venue is excellent, with a very helpful, charming local team of organisers to guide you around the complex, and offer any necessary advice, as well as answering all your queries. As usual, some big names will be present, including some presenters you will not be so familiar with, but who represent quality in terms of performance. More news about our speakers in due course. For those of you wishing to give presentations, the deadline for Speakers’ proposals will be the 1st of May, and the relevant forms will be available from February the 10th. So, be prepared to plan and act early this year!

Major changes:

  1. We plan to have a fixed session this year, when we host first-time presenters in the same time slot. The audiences will be aware that they are attending a first-time speaker’s workshop presentation, and therefore, are likely to be more sympathetic/helpful. For the nervous presenters, they will not have to face the situation where they are competing with "big names" on the schedule. So, we hope that makes good sense, and encourages those of you who are thinking about presenting for the first time.
  2. We are planning to introduce a system whereby you can book your place at workshops and plenaries in advance of the Conference. This initiative comes courtesy of Jacek Członkowski, the Head of PASE, who is a representative on the Review Committee, as his organisation has a lot of experience in this area. This means that you can plan well ahead of the Conference, and ensure you get to see those workshops you really want to attend. A big improvement? We think so.
  3. Another area we intend to improve upon is our monitoring and assessment of presentation proposals and speakers' performances. We took note of your criticisms of certain speakers last year, and they have been duly notified of this feedback. We aim to be stricter this year and maintain the high standards expected of speakers at our conferences. A special team will be appointed to monitor speakers’ performances, and take note of your feedback, and take further action, if necessary.
  4. The Conference will be extended to three full days! Yes, better value for your money! The Conference will have a thematic Pre-Conference event on the Friday morning of the Conference, so those of you coming to Lublin on the Thursday evening, can enjoy a full conference day on the Friday.

As you can readily see, IATEFL Poland never ceases in its quest to provide top-class conferences, which are better and better. The above changes really should make a major difference, and enable us to satisfy your needs. For further news about the Conference, do visit regularly, our main website.

MONDIALE TESTING: Series of Webinars throughout the year

Read the following for details of a superb programme of webinars being provided by Mondiale Testing throughout the year. Special grants will be on offer for IATEFL Poland members... so, be quick to take advantage of their very generous offer! Here is the information you need to know, so read on:

Mondiale Testing header

The course consists of eight online workshops which take place once a month between April (first workshop) and December. The content of each of these workshops together with the dates and times are given below. Each of these workshops has a short introduction (twenty minutes) to prepare the members of the course for the online workshop they will be taking part in. To go with each workshop they will also receive an Evaluation Sheet in form of a "Workshop Diary" in which they answer a number of questions relating to the content of each workshop. These Evaluation Sheets allow teachers following the course to reflect on the content of the individual workshops and evaluate the relevance of the content for their own teaching. The Evaluation Sheets are collected in a portfolio-type folder to be sent to MONDIALE-Testing after the last of the eight workshops. The CEFR Portfolios will be evaluated, discussed in an online group evaluation session and returned to the members of the course with a MONDIALE-Testing seal.

April Workshop: 23 April 2014 18:30-18:50 (pre-Workshop), 19:00-20:00 (Workshop)
Devising Appropriate Tasks for Business English and ESP Courses

The 'getting things done' approach that is an essential feature of BE / ESP courses requires the use of task-based activities with a high degree of relevance for the individual learners. The aim of this Webinar is to show the ways in which trainers in such courses can receive support and guidance from the CEFR when devising such tasks, in order to accommodate more closely the language and communication needs of individual students.

May Workshop: 21 May 2014 18:30-18:50 (pre-Workshop), 19:00-20:00 (CET)
Training Receptive and Productive Skills in Business English and ESP

The CEFR offers not only the basic definitions of the five skills (Reading, Listening, Writing, Oral Production and Spoken Interaction), it also specifies a number of different sub-skills, e.g. Reading for Orientation, Addressing Audiences, etc. providing a wider range of skills that offer numerous ideas for teachers in the BE / ESP classroom, at the same time providing a checklist to ascertain whether the teaching materials presently in use fulfill all the students' needs. The aim of this Webinar is to highlight the potential the CEFR offers and show how teachers can make optimum use of the ideas.

June Workshop: 25 June 2014 18:30-18:50 (pre-Workshop), 19:00-20:00 (CET)
CEFR Strategies for Training Negotiating Skills

Negotiating is one of the most important skills required by students in BE / ESP classrooms, but very often there are questions that are not easy to answer for the trainer, e.g. At what level can meaningful negotiating activities be started? What is the difference between negotiating activities at say B2 level compared with C1? And what are the linguistic, discourse and strategic components that need to be practiced before launching out on negotiating tasks? The aim of this Webinar is to examine the extent to which the CEFR provides answers to these and other relevant questions in order to help teachers to successfully train negotiating skills.

July Workshop: 2 July 2014 18:30-18:50 (pre-Workshop), 19:00-20:00 (CET)
CEFR Strategies for Training Presentation Skills

For people in all areas of professional, business and academic life, successful presentations are of great importance, and to prepare students for this important skill, it is essential to have the answers to the questions already mentioned in the previous Webinar, e.g. At what level can presentations be practiced? What is the difference between B2 and C1 presentations? And what are the linguistic, discourse and strategic components that need to be practiced in advance? The aim of this Webinar is to examine the extent to which the CEFR can help teachers to successfully train presentation skills.

September Workshop: 24 September 2014 18:30-18:50 (pre-Workshop), 19:00-20:00 (CET)
CEFR Strategies for Successful Report Writing

Although writing may not be the most important skill for all students taking part in BE / ESP courses, the ability to write good reports will be beneficial to students in the medical, financial or academic field, to name just three. And surveys have shown that there actually is a work-place related need. The aim of this Webinar is to highlight the features of this specific type of text and to show how the CEFR can support BE / ESP teachers.

October Workshop: 8 October 2014 18:30-18:50 (pre-Workshop), 19:00-20:00 (CET)
When and How to Correct Errors in the Business English and ESP Classroom

Error-correction in the classroom can be a problem and teachers need a clear strategy in questions such as: when to correct and how to correct. The aim of this Webinar to look at and analyze a number of classroom situations from the point of view of "Correct or Not Correct? - That is the Question!" and to establish a kind of checklist to help teachers in this decision.

November Workshop: 12 November 2014 18:30-18:50 (pre-Workshop), 19:00-20:00 (CET)
Accuracy / Communication - Which Has Higher Priority in Business English and ESP Courses?

It is often said that in BE / ESP contexts, communication (= getting across the message and getting things done) has a higher priority than using language correctly. But is this true? Is this always true? The aim of this Webinar is to look at various aspects of accuracy with reference to teaching situations at different levels and to help teachers to develop a strategy for the BE / ESP classroom.

December Workshop: 3 December 2014 18:30-18:50 (pre-Workshop), 19:00-20:00 (CET)
Preparing Informal Assessment Tests for Business English and ESP Students

An important factor to remember when teaching BE / ESP is that students respond positively to regular feedback on their progress, so that meaningful and relevant forms of assessment are required. Courses often finish with one of the many recognized qualifications that are commercially available, but informal progress checks in the classroom usually need to be devised by the trainer. The aim of this final MONDIALE-Testing Webinar in 2014 is to provide a practical framework for preparing valid informal tests that can be integrated into the course and provide the necessary information for both students and trainer.

Application Form for a MONDIALE-Testing CEFR Workshop grant

3 New SIGs! & a new Regional Rep!

Yes, three new SIGs have been established, and one is already up-and-running - the ESP SIG - which has already had a memorable Mini-Conference in January, with 180 people attending - a sell-out! Congratulations go to the Co-ordinator, Joanna Rączkowska, a great new talent and asset for IATEFL. ESP is a growing area in the ELT field, and Joanna is the perfect person to engage us all in it.

Alicja Gałązka, our Psychology in ELT SIG Co-ordinator, is not satisfied with running one SIG, she wants to revive the Drama in ELT SIG, which has been dormant for too long. Alicja sees Drama as an important part of her psychological work, and will be sure to focus on Drama and Psychology acting in unison. So, look out for news of some interesting workshops in this creative and inspiring area of ELT practice.

Maria Cyrankowska, Regional rep. for Kraków, like Alicja, wants to be extra busy - so, running a SIG holds no fears for her. She is going to run a Teacher Development SIG. This is a vital area of interest for teachers, as there are constant demands on us to develop in many ways, these days. Keep a close eye on the main website for an outline of Maria's plans. There's sure to be workshop in the pipeline, as I type this sentence!

3 wonderful, dedicated women... wow! IATEFL Poland is very lucky to have them in our ranks. Please support them in their efforts to enhance the organisation. You'll benefit immensely!

Finally, a big welcome to a new Regional Representative for Poznań Region: Anna Kolbuszewska, who was involved in the founding of IATEFL Poland, and has been absent for some time, but is now back with us and 'raring to get cracking' on making Poznań region active again, starting with Tessa Woodward's visit. So, by my arithmetic, that makes four wonderful women!

Good luck to them all, and make the most of the increasing number of events organised by IATEFL Poland in the coming months.

Take care,
Peter Whiley
(Newsletter/E-Bulletin Editor)

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