24th IATEFL Poland Conference
2015 Kraków

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Kraków has a bus and tram public transport system. Tickets can be purchased from: kiosks (newsstands), ticket machines at major stops, ticket machines on board, and from tram/bus drivers. However, please remember the following:
• in most vehicles ticket machines accept coins only;
• on board the following bus lines: 102,103,109, 120, 138, 142,152,159,178,193 and 502 ticket machines accept cards only;
• in trams, ticket machines are only in the first tram car;
• drivers sell “60-minute tickets” which cost PLN 5;
validate your ticket immediately after boarding and retain it;
this regulation applies to all the tickets.

Kraków is divided into two transport zones: Zone I and Zone II.
In zone I, one-way bus/tram is PLN 3.80. This ticket also allows you to travel for 40 minutes, changing lines. The Main Railway Station, Hostel Olimp, the conference venue are all located in Zone I;

Kraków Airport is located in Zone II. To get to the city centre you need to buy a 4-PLN ticket (no tram connection). There is a ticket machine at the airport bus stop – you need to have change.

You may consider buying 24-hour, 48-hour or 72-hour tickets.

Further information about ticket prices is available here:

The network map of the city transport is available here:

A useful site for planning your trips around Kraków is at www.jakdojade.pl and its English version is available here: http://krakow.jakdojade.pl/?locale=en


  • Directions from the Main Railway Station (Kraków Główny) to the Conference Venue

By tram 52
Leave the platform via the underground passage in the direction Centrum Miasta, Stare Miasto (City Centre). At the tram stop “Dworzec Główny” take tram 52 in the direction of “Czerwone Maki”. Get off at “Norymberska” (the previous stop is „Grota-Roweckiego”). Walk round Kaufland supermarket and across a large car park, adjacent to the supermarket and you will see the buildings of the Jagiellonian University ahead of you. The first one is the building of the Faculty of Management and Social Communication, where the conference is held.


  • Directions from the Conference Venue to the Old Town

By tram 18
Take tram 18 at “Norymberska” stop in the direction of “Krowodrza Górka” and get off at “Wawel” stop. You are in the heart of the Old Town.

By tram 52
Take tram 52 at “Norymberska” stop in the direction of “Os. Piastów” and get off at “Poczta Główna” stop. Go along Sienna Street to get to the Main Square (a 4-minute walk).

By bus 194
Take bus 194 at “Norymberska” stop in the direction of “Krowodrza Górka” and get off at “Cracovia” stop. Go along Piłsudzkiego Street. It is an up-to-ten-minute walk to Collegium Novum, one of the main buildings of the Jagiellonian University, and again you are in the heart of the Old Town.


  • Directions from the Olimp Hostel to the Conference Venue

By bus 194
From “Miasteczko Studenckie AGH” stop, take bus 139, 159 or 173 to “Czarnowiejskastop, and change here for bus 194 to “Norymberska” stop. After getting off the bus, walk towards Kaufland supermarket, round the supermarket and across the car park adjacent to it. You will see the buildings of the Jagiellonian University ahead of you. The first one is the conference venue.


Calling ahead for a taxi will give you a better fare, and we recommend a taxi company Barbakan as they offer reasonable prices and 20% discount if you say IATEFL Conference.

+48 19661

tel. +48 609 400 400


If you wish to use another taxi company, particularly in the vicinity of the Main Railway Station, Kraków Airport, Bus Station and the Old Town, it is advisable to check the information about rates; usually the rates are displayed on taxi doors.

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