24th IATEFL Poland Conference
2015 Kraków

Registration procedure for the 24th IATEFL Poland Conference - KRAKÓW 2015

1. Creating an account

At IATEFL website www.iatefl.org.pl KRAKOW 2015 there is a registration option. In order to register it is necessary to create an account. The following fields need to be filled in: "Name", "Surname", E-mail", "Password", "Confirm Password", and "Register". After filling in the data (including the password created on the spot) and pressing the confirmation button, an e-mail with an activating link (which at the same time will verify whether the user uses his/her own e-mail box to which he/she has an access) will be sent to the specified e-mail address. The e-mail address from that moment on will serve as a login.

2. Registration
2.1. Personal data

After logging in, using the e-mail address and password, the user has access to the next step of the registration process. It will be checked whether the user’s name, surname, e-mail address and password are already in the database. If it is so, the form will be automatically completed with personal data. However, it is still possible to modify the data (except for the membership number and e-mail address). For users who will not be found in the database the personal data fields will remain empty. The system allows modifying the change of the name or e-mail address since the last IATEFL conference. The IATEFL membership number remains unchanged.

2.2 Acceptance of the rules

Before sending the application the user should accept the rules of the conference which will be shown on the screen.

2.3 Fees

The next screen will display options concerning the choice of fee and payment deadlines (early, late, upon arrival). The time of the receiving the payment at the IATEFL account will influence the fee regardless of the on-line option chosen. The options available for IATEFL members will not be available for other participants.

2.4 Meals

The next screen displays ordering and cost of meals.

2.5 Accommodation

This screen allows choosing accommodation in students’ residence halls, type of room (single or double). In case of a double room it will be possible to specify the name of the person the participant wants to share the room with.

2.6 Options

Additional options to choose from are: certificate of attendance, invoice (including fields NIP, name and address of the recipient), permission to put the name and surname in the conference materials, permission to send personal data to other organizations and registering to the E- Bulletin mailing list. The invoice will be sent online. The paper version will be issued only upon written request and prepared for collection in the conference pack on the first day of the conference.

2.7 Confirmation by the user

Finally, the next screen will display all the entered data, chosen options and total costs. It will be possible to go back, change and confirm the data. After the confirmation an e-mail will be sent to the user and organizers.

2.8 Confirmation by the organizers

The last screen displays the confirmation of registration and the bank account number for payments. This is the last stage of the registration procedure.

Registration  Fees


Wczesna –EARLY

do/by 10.07.2015

Późna –LATE

do/by 10.08.2015


do/by 01.09.2015

Członkowie IATEFL

IATEFL Members

310 PLN

360 PLN

490 PLN

Nie-członkowie IATEFL

Non-IATEFL Members

390 PLN

450 PLN

490 PLN



290 + VAT  

350 +VAT   

460 +VAT


Odwołanie rejestracji

Cancellation of Registration

Zwrot kosztów uczestnictwa

Return of conference fees


Przed/before 01.09.2015

80% opłaty rejestracyjnej/of conference fee


Po/after 01.09.2015

nie dokonujemy zwrotów/no return of fees








Zgłaszanie on-line prezentacji i wymagań sprzętowych speakera

Speaker’s online registration with requirements (equipment, room)

do/by 10.05.2015


Rejestracja (zwykła) dla speakera

Speaker’s conference registration

do/by 10.07.2015






Zgłoszenie stoiska wraz z wymaganiami/ Booking Exhibition Space

do/by 10.07.2015

Nadsyłanie reklam do zamieszczenia w programie konferencyjnym

Conference Programme Advertising

do/by 10.07.2015

Zgłoszenia sponsorów/ Sponsorship Opportunities

do/by 10.07.2015

Nadsyłanie materiałów/wkładek reklamowych do pakietów konferencyjnych

Delivery of inserts and advertising materials for the participants’ packs

do/by 01.09.2015

The bank account details:

Bank Zachodni WBK 9 oddział Warszawa 
Account with IBAN: PL 16 1090 1883 0000 0001 0194 5244               SWIFT: WBKPPLPP

Stowarzyszenie Nauczycieli Języka Angielskiego w Polsce IATEFL Poland  (NIP 676 20 81 276)
ul. Michałowskiego 4, 31-126 Kraków        

If you have any queries to the organizers:
E- mail: conference@iatefl.org.pl or otherwise IATEFL: www.iatefl.org.pl

International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language

is the organiser of the IATEFL Annual Conference:  

  • Three days of intensive training seminars, plenaries, and discussion groups, live lessons with learners
  • 120+ workshops on new teaching trends and techniques
  • Presentations given by top ELT specialists and writers- meet them in person!
  • Thousands of recent ELT publications on display & sold at generous discounted rates
  • High-quality daytime and evening social programmes
  • Approx.1,000 participants each year
  • Numerous opportunities to make new friends & forge useful business contacts
  • Over 100 items in the free prize draw including summer training courses in Great Britain
  • Wide-range of accommodation organised near the Conference venue to suit your tastes!
  • Up-to-date information and materials available on exam courses and professional bodies
  • Supportive and friendly atmosphere, aided by active monitors and IATEFL Help-desk


E-mail:  conference@iatefl.org.pl
Telephone:  (048) 510865100

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