27th IATEFL Poland Conference
21-23 September 2018 Wrocław

‘Shakespeareada’…………..Shakespearsonians book their challenge!

On Friday evening of the conference, (the 21st) at 7pm, in Aula B, two brave teams will set out to win IATEFL Poland’s equivalent of TV’s ‘Familiada’. For those who remember the much-loved ‘IATEFLADA’ four years ago, at Łódż, lots of fun and entertainment will be on offer, as this time, we explore what people know about Shakespeare’s life and his works, via a survey already conducted with  Polish Liceum students. The questions, as with ‘Familiada’ will be basic, but the answers far more unpredictable!

Two teams have been formed, in advance of this momentous event, and it’s great to see a team of publishers from Pearson, taking on some expert ELT teachers. Some of the 10 panellists will be familiar to you, such as Evan Frendo, Piotr Steinbrich, Mark Andrews (tbc), and Magda Zawadzka, but all those taking part are big stars.
On what will be a true family occasion, I will take on the role of Karol Strasburger – the compere who tells awful jokes; whilst my wife, Joanna, who devised ‘Shakespeareada’, will be assisting me, along with our little ‘Princess’, Emmy. Technical support has been provided by the one-and-only Marcin Stanowski.

Pearsons have included a Prize Draw activity for the audience, too, so you may well come out from the show with more than just a smile on your face! They are offering good prizes to assist with your Shakespearean studies.
The show should last an hour, following the ‘Familiada’ format. If you are not aware of what that is, please tune into TVP2 on Sunday at 2pm. “To come or not to come is the question”, but please defy the “slings and arrows” and make your way to Aula B for 7pm. See you there!  

Peter Whiley  (Host of ‘Shakespeareada’)…….

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