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1st IATEFL Poland BESIG Conference 19 May 2018, in cooperation with IATEFL BESIG -Report

by Anna Gałucka

1st IATEFL Poland BESIG Conference 19 May 2018, in cooperation with IATEFL BESIG -Report

You can do a lot of networking online, but nothing really beats face-to-face communication, and this event was yet more proof of how true this is. IATEFL Poland is a vigorous, dynamic organisation, and so IATEFL BESIG was very happy to hear that the IATEFL Poland BESIG, so active in previous years, but which had sadly declined, was being resurrected. 140 business English practitioners from Hong Kong, Hungary, Lebanon, Germany, Turkey, UK, USA, Ukraine, as well as Poland met at the Warsaw University of Technology and enjoyed a full day of talks, workshops, sharing ideas, and, yes, networking. The opening keynote talk by Evan Frendo on Minimizing miscommunication in the workplace (sponsored by Pearson), raised various issues which were repeated and discussed throughout the day in the 15 parallel sessions. Other speakers were Rob Howard (GET OFF MY CASE Studies – Frameworks for the Common (hu)Man, Screen Gemming: simplifying your onscreen images for better retention), Umut Temiskan (The Conversation Gala), Dominiqu Vouillemin (The Essentials of Teaching BE), Radek Krzyżanowski (Epic Win – a sustainable engagement strategy), Maurice Cassidy (Trainer Know Thyself), Andrzej Stęsik (1-2-1 Language Training and Coaching in business English), Katarzyna Warszyńska (Be B! – Using Games in a BE class), Nick Hamilton (Encountering the Edge – Evolution of BE Teaching), Sherri Williams (DIY Design – Marketing Yourself as a BE Trainer), Najwa Sabaa Ayoun-Fares, Mira M Alamuddine, Grasiella Harb (Hands-On Tips on How to Teach Research Reports), Robert Adams (Digging Deep to Increase Activation of Language), Oksana Hera (How to Add More Value to Your Training Programmes), Geoff Tranter (Humour – An Important Business English Skill), and Clarice Chan (Genres in today's workplace – Implications for BE teaching). Many thanks as always to the IATEFL Poland organising team, led by Geoff Tranter and Dorota Chrominska, and ably supported by Helen Strong and colleagues from IATEFL BESIG, and of course all the sponsors (Pearson, Oxford University Press, and Regipio).

Evan Frendo
BESIG Joint Coordinator

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