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PreConference EVENT 15th September

by Anna Gałucka
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Global Issues SIG Pre-Conference Event
Friday, 15th September, 2017

Official Openning

9:00 am
Warm welcome

9:10 am
Why Global Issues? Why Global Issues SIG?

Margit Szesztay
Even warmer welcome by IATEFL President and the founder of Global Issues SIG at IATEFL UK.

Margit Szesztay has been involved in teacher education for thepast 25 years.  Her professional interests include learningthrough discussion, creativity in ELT, the teacher as educator, and building professional communities. She is currently President  of IATEFL.

9:40 am
Trashed World

Aleksandra Zaparucha

Human ever-growing appetite for new products has led to a serious crisis on the globe. One way of dealing with it is the education of young generation on the causes and consequences of such pollution. One response is TrashedWorld / træʃtwə: ld / - an international school exchange program dealing with consumerism and its effects. If you care for the planet and the fate of its future generations come and join us to see what the program can offer you and your students.

Aleksandra Zaparucha is based in Toruń, Poland. She has almost 30 years of experience in Geography and EFL teaching, teacher training, examining, translating and materials writing, including well over 10 years of CLIL. Her international experience includes teaching at the Brussels Summer School for Bell, and teacher training in the UK  and Albania, as well as in a number of Asian countries She has been involved in a number of educational projects, including the Institute for Educational Research in Warsaw, Macmillan Polska and Tigtag CLIL. She contributes to magazines for teachers of English (Humanising Language Teaching, The Teacher) and Geography (Geografia w Szkole). Since 2005 she has been involved in organising and conducting an annual three-day CLIL training for Geography and History teachers in Toruń. In 2014 her geography workbook for lower secondary Earth and People 1was nominated for the British Council ELTons Award in the category of Local Innovation.

10:30 am
How to use films to talk about important issues

Katarzyna Wiącek

Is it possible to use films to touch upon difficult and important issues with our students?
I believe yes. There is a wide variety of short films which can serve this purpose and can be used both with beginner and advanced learners, younger and more mature students. The choice of the right film will make it possible to develop meaningful discussions as well as practise language skills. In this session you will watch 4 films and analyse tasks that can be used to involve your students before, while and after watching. The films will deal with topics such as empathy, death, dreams, creativity or women’s rights.

Katarzyna Wiącek is a teacher at Zespół Szkół Ekonomicznych in Mińsk Mazowiecki, Poland. She wants to show that English lessons are not only for talking about trivial topics, that’s why she includes subjects like tolerance, diversity and critical thinking into her teaching. Her another interest is the use of engaging methods to motivate students. She runs her own blog Enjoy English http://en-joyenglish.weebly.com/
11:10 am
Harnessing Creativity for Change

Julie Pratten
"You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have." Maya Angelou

Heart ELT is the first charitable ELT publisher that provides resources, support and training for teachers working in difficult circumstances who may not have print or digital resources to hand. In this hands on session, we will give some practical examples of how to combine mindfulness and play to bring calm and flow to our classroom. We will explore how to harness creativity in the low resource classroom and write user-friendly materials in collaborative teams. We will use a selection of simple, yet unorthodox upsourced materials.
The activities can be used with all ages from young learners to adults, even for teaching business English.
During the session participants will have the chance to create a resource for Heart ELT Publishing.
Please note that the activities are suitable teachers who have  a rich array of resources at their fingertips as stress-busting alternatives.

Julie Pratten is the founder of Heart ELT, a non-profit organisation incorporated in the UK that provides resources and support to children who cannot access education. Julie has taught for over three decades specialising in BE and soft skills and is the leading author of banking and financial English publications include ‘Absolute Banking English’ and ‘Absolute Financial English’ by Delta Publishing. She also developed the app Brighton Study Kit, a social initiative for the University of Brighton and Academic Flipwords, a free app which focuses on vocabulary from the Academic Word List.
In autumn 2015 Julie set up a safe learning space for Syrian refugees in Domiz refugee camp in Dohuk, Iraq. Six months later she launched Heart ELT Publishing, a non-profit organisation that publishes educational materials to raise funds for children who have little or no access to education and to provide support to teachers working in difficult circumstances.
In 2015 Julie’s publishing platform, Academic Study Kit was the joint winner of the BESIG David Riley Award for Innovation with ‘A-Z Business English.’ Julie is a keen advocate of collaborative writing projects and has just started ‘Create and Collaborate’ Writing Retreats in Antalya, Turkey.

11:50 am
 How can psychology help with helping?

Marcin Stanowski

Which elements of psychology should we adopt if we want to be succesful at promoting understanding between people? Why such concepts like Non-Violent Communication, Positive Psychology and Peer Counseling should be a part of National Curriculum? If we are to solve Global Issues,maybe its more reasonable to start with interpersonal ones?

Marcin Stanowski: I have been teaching EFL since 2001 and training teachers since 2007. I hold MA in English philology and psychology and work as a teacher and trainer for students and teachers. I am currently teaching at public High school in Warsaw, Poland where I teach general English, CLIL and manage a group of teachers of foreign languages. Since September 2016 I am a methodology consultant for Warsaw public school teachers of English. Recently I have been involved in teaching about global issues through English.

Join Global Issues SIG at www.gisigpl.wordpress.com
Programme is a subject to changes.

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