28th IATEFL POLAND Conference
Gdańsk, 20-22 September 2019

Preconference Event Friday September 21st

by Anna Gałucka
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Preconference Event
Friday September 21st, 2018 . 9.00 -12.00 ,

    1.Creating Materials for Young Learners

    Young learners SIG Pre-Conference Event
    Urszula Kropaczewska

Creating own materials is so funny and engaging that everybody will forget the time passing. While the workshop teachers will have a chance to create own materials and get ideas how to use them effectively while teaching English to YL.
Teachers are asked to bring scissors glue coloured pencils.

    2. Open your coursebook wider.

    Global Issues SIG Pre-Conference Event.
    Marcin Stanowski

 This year’s edition (3rd so far) of Global Issues SIG will be revolutionary. We are inviting you to 2 sessions on Global Issues and materiał writing. Next the participants are welcome to take part in Global Issues Master Chef competition, where they will cook up some tasty extension or follow-up lessons/ materials which will succesfully extend the global issues awareness materiał from popular coursebooks. Prizes and much fun are awaiting.

    3. Teacher Training SIG Pre-Conference Event.
    Leo Selivan

You are invited to the workshops:


Recent language descriptions pose a challenge to the traditional Words + Grammar model and suggest that an important part of language acquisition is the ability to comprehend and produce lexico-grammatical phrases as holistic units, or chunks. However, coursebooks and other language teaching materials still maintain the dichotomy devoting separate sections to grammar and vocabulary. In this practical workshop, we'll examine the teaching of grammar structures 'lexically' and discover simple techniques for teaching vocabulary more 'grammatically'.


The gap between being a good English user and a competent English user is often a gap of lexical knowledge. This doesn’t mean individual words but chunks of language that competent language users use freely. Based on the Lexical Approach, this session will be an interactive workshop in which teachers will have a chance to play around with language chunks, reflect on their lexical repertoire and build their collocational range.

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