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Speakers Registration Open 25th IATEFL PL Conference

by Anna Gałucka
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Speakers Registration Open

25th Annual International IATEFL Poland Conference  West Pomeranian University of Technology,

Szczecin 16-18 September 2016

DEADLINE for submitting proposals 30th MAY 2016 

In order to submit your proposal you need to:

Create an account

At IATEFL website www.iatefl.org.pl - go to conference section- SZCZECIN 2016- there is a registration/log in option on the left. In order to register it is necessary to create an account. The following fields need to be filled in: "Name", "Surname", E-mail", "Password", "Confirm Password", and "Register". After filling in the data (including the password created on the spot) and pressing the confirmation button, an e-mail with an activating link (which at the same time will verify whether the user uses his/her own e-mail box to which he/she has an access) will be sent to the specified e-mail address. The e-mail address from that moment on will serve as a login.

After logging in, using the e-mail address and password, the user has access to the next step of the registration process. Submit your presentation/workshop proposal and biodata.

Biodata (max. 60 words)
Presentation title (max. 10 words)
PROPOSAL for the presentation (max. 60 words)
Please ensure this is an accurate reflection of what the presentation will be like.

You can submit your proposal for a presentation, a workshop or a live lesson (we provide participants for the lesson)

The time could be: 40, 60 or 90 minutes.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions and are interested in participating in the conference as a speaker. We would be happy to assist. Contact us at: conference@iatefl.org.pl 

Look forward to welcoming you to Szczecin in September 2016

Conference Organising Committee 

Anna R.Gałucka, Natalia Rogalska and Andrzej Obstawski 

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International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language

is the organiser of the IATEFL Annual Conference:  

  • Three days of intensive training seminars, plenaries, and discussion groups, live lessons with learners
  • 120+ workshops on new teaching trends and techniques
  • Presentations given by top ELT specialists and writers- meet them in person!
  • Thousands of recent ELT publications on display & sold at generous discounted rates
  • High-quality daytime and evening social programmes
  • Approx.1,000 participants each year
  • Numerous opportunities to make new friends & forge useful business contacts
  • Over 100 items in the free prize draw including summer training courses in Great Britain
  • Wide-range of accommodation organised near the Conference venue to suit your tastes!
  • Up-to-date information and materials available on exam courses and professional bodies
  • Supportive and friendly atmosphere, aided by active monitors and IATEFL Help-desk


E-mail:  conference@iatefl.org.pl
Telephone:  (048) 510865100

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