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VI Forum Nauczycieli Języka Angielskiego Województwa Podkarpackiego

by Anna Gałucka
Categories: Teacher Development SIG.

Stowarzyszenie Nauczycieli Języka Angielskiego
(Rzeszów Region,  Teacher Development SIG)
Centrum Języków Obcych Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego

zapraszają na szkolenie językowe

VI Forum Nauczycieli Języka Angielskiego Województwa Podkarpackiego

DATA:    piątek, 19-go maja 2017
MIEJSCE:    Uniwersytet Rzeszowski, KAMPUS ZALESIE ul. Zelwerowicza 4, 35-601 Rzeszów, Budynek D9 (numer sali zostanie podany w czwartek)

ZAPISY:      Prosimy o wypełnienie formularza zgłoszeniowego :  FORMULARZ ZGŁOSZENIOWYZe względu na małą ilość miejsc prosimy o przemyślane decyzje oraz poinformowanie organizatora o ewentualnej rezygnacji z udziału w szkoleniu (email:

Zapisy do dnia: 17 maja 2017 (do godz. 22:00)

KOSZT:     30 zł  Płatność na konto nr 16 1090 1883 0000 0001 0194 5244
Stowarzyszenie Nauczycieli Języka Angielskiego w Polsce - IATEFL Poland, ul. Michałowskiego 4, 31-126 Kraków                  
Z dopiskiem : "VI Forum Nauczycieli Języków Obcych woj. podkarpackiego".

Członkowie IATEFL PL oraz pracownicy CJO Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego są zwolnieni z opłat.    

Plan forum:

10.00-10:15    Rejestracja
10:15 – 11:45  An Integrated-Skill Approach to ESP Teaching
11:45-12:15    Przerwa kawowa
12:15 – 13:45  Humour

Wszyscy uczestnicy szkolenia otrzymają certyfikat uczestnictwa

An Integrated-Skill Approach to teaching

To provide all students with the language proficiency they will need, it is essential to ensure that they are trained in all the four major skills of reading, listening, speaking and writing. This requires careful planning on the part of the teacher.
This practical workshop will present a blueprint for teachers of all English courses from about B1 level upwards to enable them to plan their lessons more easily and more effectively. We will be looking for suitable websites on the internet that offer excellent authentic materials for listening and reading and explore ways of using these materials in the best possible way to enhance the students' speaking and writing skills. The workshop will also show how this approach has a positive effect on their vocabulary.
The aim of the workshop is for each teacher to go home with a ready-made plan for designing their next lesson.


When giving business presentations or when involved in serious discussions, it is often useful to be able to incorporate humour in some form. This can help in many ways by motivating one’s audience or helping to break the ice and it can often contribute to a more positive atmosphere. Similarly in everyday life, the ability to develop humour is a useful skill to improve personal contacts. Care is required in view of the differences in the sense of humour that people from different cultural backgrounds, but to have a repertoire of humour skills to be used when appropriate can prove extremely useful. This session will offer a range of humour-based teaching activities to promote such skills.


Geoff has been involved in all forms of ESP in further, adult and higher education. He has published materials on the use of humour in English classrooms and has offered a number of Pecha Kuchas at IATEFL Conferences in many different European countries, and is now a member of the IATEFL Poland Executive Committee.

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