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How to represent IATEFL Poland abroad


Grants available for the upcoming Partner Associations’ conferences in 2020

IATEFL Poland has signed partnership agreements with several sister associations in other countries. Our goal is to get to know colleagues from other countries in order to exchange EFL ideas and develop further internationally. We would like our members to have the opportunity to represent IATEFL Poland at one of the conferences of our partner associations.

What an applicant for covering costs of his/her trip  should do to become eligible:

  • be a member of IATEFL Poland
  • send to the Liaison Officer of IATEFL Poland at:
    - information confirming approval of the presentation proposed
    - an application for a specified sum of money
    - cost calculation details (travel, conference fee, food allowance, etc.)
  • once selected by the Recruitment Committee to represent IATEFL Poland, then contact the treasurer about the financial issues:
  • after the conference (within 3 weeks), write and send a report of the conference to be published in our E-Bulletin/Newsletter to:

IATEFL Poland will contribute to the travel expenses (depending on the country) as well as conference fee and food allowance, unless it is covered by the hosting association. Please note that selected applicants may not necessarily receive 100% of their costs from IATEFL Poland.


The person willing to represent IATEFL PL abroad applies for money, sending the following documents:

  • Information about the presentation being accepted by the organisers of the event
  • Information regarding the expected costs of travel such as: travel, conference fee, food allowance etc.

    (form to fill in)

The recruitment  committee will make a decision about the exact sum of money to be allocated to the applicant.

The applicant contacts the treasurer to sort out financial issues.

No later than 10 days after the event, the applicant fills in and sends, as an email attachment, to the treasurer, a “ Rachunek podróży zagranicznej”.

The treasurer confirms with the accountant the sum of the travel allowance and sends back the form to be signed by the applicant, and then sent back, together with information about the event, tickets, and other necessary documents.

The applicant can apply for an advance, which has to be sorted out no later than 10 days after the event.

The IATEFL PL representative can be sent to a conference/meeting abroad without a presentation, but the decision must be taken by the Recruitment committee in advance, before any financial decisions are taken. The next steps in such a case are as above.

N.B. – Successful applicants must note that they initially pay up-front the costs of attending their requested conference. IATEFL Poland will reimburse them by the stated amount after the event.

Are you a teaching professional or a teacher trainee?

 If yes, then You can join IATEFL Poland and you will:

  • become part of the largest network of teachers, teacher trainers, • academics and EFL students in Europe
  • participate in Annual  IATEFL Conferences
  • take part in Regional and/or Special Interest Group methodological sessions organised by IATEFL PL
  • be entitled to discounted fees for events organised by our partner associations
  • receive newsletters with articles on current  EFL issues and e-Bulletins with regular updates on IATEFL training events
  • have opportunities to represent  IATEFL at Conferences and Courses, domestic or international
  • be encouraged to become a major player within one of our Committees, developing a role to help IATEFL flourish further


Telephone:  (048) 503017030

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