24th IATEFL Poland Conference
2015 Kraków

Meet our Speakers

"Let's meet and share our lessons learned".

More than 110 workshops and talks! Scores of presenters! Among them:

Peter MEDGYES (IATEFL PL) the incoming President of IATEFL UK, formerly an Education Minister in Hungary, Peter will be presenting a Plenary talk based on humour.

Deena BORAIE (IATEFL PL) is a Past President of TESOL – a large US-based international professional development association for Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages. Currently, she is Dean of the School of Continuing Education at the American University in Cairo. Her Plenary talk has the impressive title: "Envisioning the Future of TEFL by Teachers all over the World". So, Deena is an exciting addition to our list of major plenary speakers, or in more usual terms – "a real scoop for IATEFL Poland!"

Ken LACKMAN (IATEFL PL) is a rapidly-rising ELT star, and comes highly recommended, all the way from Canada. He impressed all who saw him at Harrogate this year, and this led to our invitation for Ken to come and shine at Lublin!

  • Catherine Walter (OUP) Your direct route to English success
  • Hugh Dellar (Nowa Era/Cengage Learning) Following the patterns: colligation and bottom-up approaches to grammar
  • George Kokolas (Express Publishing) I THINK, I FEEL, I LEARN
  • Jeremy Day (CUP) Order from Chaos: Towards a taxonomy of ESP
  • Piotr Steinbrich (Pearson) Test? What test? Assessing young learners’ performance
  • Olly Twist (Garnet Education Reading UK) Climbing the Academic Word ladder
  • Debbie West (TESOL France) Ideas on how to adapt lesson plans for different students
  • Richard Cowen (British Council) Academic Teaching Skills – English as a medium of instruction
  • Jo Tomlinson (Collins) From IELTS Listening to Academic Skills
  • Tracey Sinclair (Eli Publishing) Turning Photos into Language Games and with Games we learn
  • Evrim Uysal (Turkey) Helping Learners Overcome Oral Assessment Phobia
  • Geoff Tranter (Mondiale-Testing GmbH) How CEFR are you? Insights and potentials for aspiring teachers
  • David Fisher (The Bear Educational Theatre) Creating a structured drama
  • Paul Davis (Pilgrims) Mime - a technique that time forgot
  • Ivana Redic (Serbia) The influence of bilingualism on third language learning
  • Djalal Tebib (Algeria) Nurturing a love of writing in EFL learners
  • Cayley Mosca (West Indies) Marketing as a Teaching Tool: Increasing Engagement with the’Mix’
  • Frieda Amitai (Israel) Translation and Language Acquisition. No Way? Yes Way!
  • Martin Beck Using Web-Technology for Teaching and Testing
  • Peter Whiley (IATEFL PL) "IATEFLADA" Quiz -an educational version of the TV prog. "Familiada"
  • John Held (Accent) The future of (Business) English Teaching
  • Michael-Ange Jerome (Haiti) The use of technology in the EFL classroom
  • Anna Popławska (Fiszkoteka.pl) Help your students to master their vocabulary faster
  • Anna Musielak (OUP) Real communicative experience with drama activities
  • Aleksandra Komada (Teddie Eddie) Rodzic-Piąte Koło u Wozu?
  • Anna Kamont (Warsaw University) Skype up your classes
  • AlicjaGałązka (IATEFL PL) Psychology in ELT -trudny uczeń na lekcji języka obcego
  • Dorota Turska (Lublin) Dlaczego nie należy chwalić uczniów (i siebie) „za inteligencję?”
  • Monika Cichmińska (Macmillan) Mindfulness and language teaching in the 21st century
  • Alina Łukawska (LANG) Don’t teach the book, teach the learners!

and two of the best Polish presenters from  previous conferences:

  • Hanna Kryszewska (University of Gdańsk) Classroom exercises and why they work
  • Grzegorz Śpiewak (Macmillan) English as a Life Skill

And many, many others!

International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language

is the organiser of the IATEFL Annual Conference:  

  • Three days of intensive training seminars, plenaries, and discussion groups, live lessons with learners
  • 120+ workshops on new teaching trends and techniques
  • Presentations given by top ELT specialists and writers- meet them in person!
  • Thousands of recent ELT publications on display & sold at generous discounted rates
  • High-quality daytime and evening social programmes
  • Approx.1,000 participants each year
  • Numerous opportunities to make new friends & forge useful business contacts
  • Over 100 items in the free prize draw including summer training courses in Great Britain
  • Wide-range of accommodation organised near the Conference venue to suit your tastes!
  • Up-to-date information and materials available on exam courses and professional bodies
  • Supportive and friendly atmosphere, aided by active monitors and IATEFL Help-desk


E-mail:  conference@iatefl.org.pl
Telephone:  (048) 510865100

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