28th IATEFL POLAND Conference
Gdańsk, 20-22 September 2019

28th IATEFL Poland International Conference Programme

Final Conference Programme

Programme 2019-09-18.pdf (91.0 KiB)

Make the most of your
IATEFL Poland National Conference
with pre-conference events in Gdańsk

We are in the final stages of confirming the conference program, but the pre-conference events have already been locked in.

Make sure your conference schedule includes the following events on Friday 20 September. Our Pre-Conference Events (PCEs) are  organised by  Special Interest Groups (SIGs) The events allow you to explore a particular subject area in more depth, network with colleagues f and to continue your professional development. Each PCE runs form 9.00 till 12.30, it is only possible to register for one PCE.

All PCE delegates will receive a certificate of attendance.

PRE-Conference Events  Friday 20 September

9.00-10.30  Workshop 1

Coffee break

11.00-12.30 Workshop 2

BESIG PRE-Conference Event

Speaker: Andy Johnson, Director of London School Online

Teaching the business in business English

While mature, experienced businesspeople can bring their own context and motivation to classroom activities, younger professionals may struggle in business related tasks as they lack such experience. There is often a need to go beyond language input to the wider business concepts and the skills required. This workshop will show you how to craft memorable lessons that go beyond the language of business to look at the key soft skills our learners need in today’s workplace.

Speaker: Geoff Tranter, TU Dortmund/Germany

For many years Geoff Tranter has regularly attended IATEFL Conferences in many countries offering workshops on many aspects of EFL. He has vast experience of teaching in tertiary, further and adult education, and one of his particular interests is bridging the gap between the classroom and the real world, especially in matters of intercultural competence.

Planning Business English Courses for Pre-Work Non-Business University Students

Most business English courses are for professionals who wish and need to improve their language and communication skills at their workplace. Universities also offer business English courses for students of economics or finance. There is however a third category of courses that receives very little attention in terms of teacher training or indeed with regard to course materials. This is the kind of BE course that I am confronted with in a C1 Business Communication Skills course at a university in Germany. There are around 12 students, not one of whom is from the Faculty of Economics and Finance. There are IT specialists, mechanical engineers, civil engineers, and even two students who are studying to be grammar school English teachers and simply want to add another speciality to their English teaching portfolio. So, how to proceed? This workshop will show a strategy for solving this problem – i.e. how to teach the necessary language and communication skills without being able to rely on content knowledge on the part of the students.

Teacher Development SIG Pre-Conference Event

Speaker: Anna Gębka-Suska

Collaborative learning in the language lesson

In the first part of the workshop some theory behind collaborative teaching and learning will be explained and a few neurological arguments for the use of the method presented.
Then the participants are going to study and practise cooperatively some new (hopefully) language teaching techniques and activities for different levels and age groups. They will then need to present those activities to the other participants. Together they will create a small compendium of their favourite activities which will later be shared online. Thus the participants will not only learn about collaborative teaching and learning but they will have an opportunity to experience the whole process first-hand.
In the last part of the workshop we will discuss the feelings that assisted the exercises and brainstorm observations and conclusions concerning collaborative learning.

Young Learners SIG Pre-Conference Event

Speaker: Dr Urszula Kropaczewska

Urszula Kropaczewska (Ph) is a foreign language teacher trainer. She is a coordinator of Young Learners SIG for IATEFL Poland. She has been teaching English for more than twenty years to children who are two to adults who are over 60. For 20 years she has been teaching Theory of Learning and Teaching and Didactics to students in the Teacher Training College of Foreign Languages in Września and in Adam Mickiewicz University of Poznań.She is mostly interested in teaching English to (very) young learners and for many years (as a freelance worker) has been sharing her experience providing variety of workshops for teachers in various kindergartens and primary schools as well as being a lecturer of post- diploma studies and cooperating with Teacher Training Centres. She has taken an active part in many conferences in Poland and abroad sharing her experience with teachers. She has been engaged in publishing articles and books, creating her own webside (www.urszula-kropaczewska.edu.pl, both in Polish and in English), being active on the blog (ulakropaczewska.lerni.us), recording and publishing lessons on YouTubeUrszulaKropaczewska. She has been also engaged in organising Live Lessons in many places (also IATEFL conferences) for teachers to see the theory in practice.

The pre-conference workshop is for teachers of young learners who want to get some practical tips of exercises and materials very useful and colourful for children to make the lesson amazing and involving. I will present the possibilities the Magic Machine offers and teachers will leave the classroom with ready-made materials. The exercises will focus on seasons and celebrations.

Drama SIG Pre-Conference Event

Speaker: David Fisher

David Fisher is the Director and founder of The Bear Educational Theatre in Prague. The theatre is the largest provider of English shows for schools in the region playing hundreds of shows each year. David is an experienced teacher and teacher-trainer as well as being a professional actor in film and theatre.

Workshop  1 – Managing the learning atmosphere.

This session will encourage participants to step back and think about the wider role the teacher plays in creating a positive learning environment for their students. A lot of the learning environment in a school is given by the location, the building, the director, and the general atmosphere in the school. However, the teacher does have a lot of influence over the atmosphere in the classroom and drama, games, and music give teachers strong tools for working with this.

Workshop 2  – Talking, role-playing, presenting

Speaking clearly in a way that is immediately easy to understand is perhaps the main skill required for educational theatre actors. It is also an extremely useful skill for teachers and students to acquire too. This session will focus on using drama games and activities to help students gain confidence in conversation, presentation, and even performing. The emphasis is on giving students ways to talk, play and present without feeling self-conscious.

Global Issues SIG Pre-Conference Event

Speakers: Aleksandra Zaparucha, Marzena Pepłowska and Marcin Stanowski

Aleksandra is experienced Geography and EFL/ESL and CLIL teacher, teacher trainer, translator, examiner and author. She has worked extensively in Poland, the UK and France, as well as various countries in Asia. She regularly conducts CLIL training in Poland for SOP Oświatowiec. In 2014 her geography workbook was nominated for the British Council ELTons Award and in 2016 she was the winner of the award as a Tigtag CLIL team member.

Marcin Stanowski is a psychologist, trainer and a high school teacher. As an avid Moodler and an IT enthusiast obtained the European Language Label Award. Several times was a grant holder of Comenius and RELO programmes. Marcin is also Global Issues Special Interest Group Coordinator and PR for IATEFL PL and MM Publications Poland methodology expert. Marcin runs a blog at http://superteachers.pl. Has been training teachers in Poland, the UK, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Albania and many more. Currently interested in fostering key competencies in ELT classes and fighting hate speech and fake news.

Friday morning Pre Conference Event of Global Issues SIG will be this time entirely devoted to CLIL.

Workshops  will be focused on practical applications of CLIL approach and concern Global Issues and critical thinking.

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