24th IATEFL Poland Conference
2015 Kraków

Rules and regulations


1. The registration of the participants is carried out exclusively from 25.03.2014 to 01.09.2014 by filling in online the Conference Registration Form which is available on www.iatefl.org.pl link register. The auxiliary registration instruction both in English and Polish is placed on the same website. We cannot guarantee that participants registered after 01.09.2014 will receive any conference packs or access to all conference events provided (e.g. Evening Entertainment). Registration is not possible during the conference except for payment for the previously registered participants and after informing the organisers.

2. The binding date for the registration fee (both IATEFL member and non-member) is the date of payment / bank transfer to the IATEFL account. In case of early registration but later bank transfer (as defined by IATEFL in Registration online), the participant is obliged to settle an amount in accordance with the relevant period of time (early / late). Registration fee is determined by the date of payment / bank transfer to IATEFL account. Should lower charge be paid by mistake, the participant is obliged to replenish the IATEFL account with the balance (See table below).

by 10.07.2014
by 10.08.2014
by 01.09.2014
IATEFL Members310 PLN360 PLN490 PLN
Non-IATEFL Members390 PLN450 PLN490 PLN
Exhibitors290 + VAT (357 PLN)350 + VAT (430 PLN)460 + VAT (566 PLN)

3. The guests taking part in the conference are:

  • speakers,
  • exhibitors,
  • participants.

Their status division is reflected in the amount of registration fee and the type / colour of the badge. Exhibitors are not entitled to take part in lectures and they pay a lower registration fee without membership fee for the next year (a lower registration fee in the registration form). The choice of registration is binding and cannot be changed during the conference.

4. After having registered online the last page should display a message: "Registration completed successfully" and the confirmation should reach you within 24 hours to the e-mail address submitted during logging. Lack of confirmation means that the registration has not been completed successfully due to computer system failure or other technical problems.


5. Should you resign from participation in the conference, the reimbursement depends on the resignation date. In certain cases you may not receive any reimbursement at all (See table below). The organizers must be informed about the resignation by e-mail and they must be given all the details necessary to make the return money transfer (if applicable). The costs incurred due to the reservation of the accommodation in hotels are not borne by the organizers (point 19).

Cancellation of RegistrationReturn of conference fees
before 01.09.201480% of conference fee
after 01.09.2014no return of fees


6. The payment must be made until the day declared during registration. You should have the proof of payment on arrival at the conference or confirm the payment by e-mail to the organiser – The Foreign Languages Teaching Centre of The University of Life Sciences in Lublin.

7. ‘Payment title’ should be succinct and provide key information: the participant’s first name and surname and, if possible, admission fee or / and lunches or / and breakfasts or / and Evening Ent. or / and accommodation DS1. (Do not write the following: ‘23rd Conference of Teachers of English in Lublin on 12-14.09.2014; participation of Mr/Ms...’). In case of a larger number of participants and diverse requirements concerning accommodation / meals, e-mail correspondence is necessary in order to provide the organisers with full particulars concerning both the participants’ personal details and booking specifications.

8. Should any inaccuracies concerning payment arise, the organisers must know the exact date of the money transfer and the payment title. Otherwise, pinpointing the payment will be impossible.

9. Invoices are written out on the basis of the data provided online by the participant. The information on what and who the invoice concerns is provided by the system automatically, so do not add your personal details unless the name of the company actually contains the participant’s name.

10. Each participant receives an invoice in a Conference Pack. The Participant is obliged to check the contents of the Conference Pack. Lack of the invoice should be reported to the Conference Office.

11. In case of an invoice for more than five people issued for one company, it is possible to issue one combined invoice. It is also possible to split one participant’s Conference payment into two organisations. However it is always required to contact the Conference organizers via e-mail and provide full data (name, address, tax ID).



13. Each participant is obliged to register at the registration desk from 12-14 September 2014. Participation in the Conference will not be possible without fulfilling registration procedures.

14. Each Conference participant is entitled to receiving Conference materials. It is possible to collect them on check- in. The Conference Pack includes a badge, certificate of attendance, invoice, luncheon vouchers (if applicable) and Evening Entertainment details.Other inserts of the Conference Pack depend on our sponsors. Should you lose or forget your identity badge, a deposit of 50 PLN will be charged for issuing a new document. The deposit will be refundable if the original badge is returned (has been found). The duplicates or copies of luncheon and Evening Entertainment vouchers will not be issued, as they are printed in the number ordered by conference particpiants. Any difficulties in receiving the Conference Pack at the "registration desk" may result from some inaccuracies between the order and payment made. If this is the case, it is necessary to contact the Conference Office. Following these regulations ensures hassle-free registration within a few minutes.

15. Each participant is obliged to carry his / her own badge to attend the Conference. Under no circumstances is any Conference Participant allowed to hand over their own badge to unauthorized parties.


16. Accommodation at DS (Dom Studenta - Hall of Residence) is bookable online and payable in advance. As with the registration fee and meal costs payments should be made to IATEFL account

17. Due to the non-exclusive use of the halls of residence The Foreign Languages Teaching Centre of The University of Life Sciences in Lublin does not accept responsibility for any undue noise or disturbance from students at night time. In extreme cases a change of room is possible.

18. The accommodation on students’ campus has been arranged mainly in double rooms. Unless you specify your preferred roommate, you will be paired with a randomly chosen same-sex participant.

19. Booking accommodation in hotels is done individually by a participant without involvement of The Foreign Languages Teaching Centre of The University of Life Sciences in Lublin.


20. The speaker is obliged to register online by 10 May 2014 as specified in the online speaker’s form. This concerns submitting the topic, abstract, personal details and providing equipment requirements (e.g. multimedia projector etc.) (See table below). The organisers will not provide the required equipment (in particular on site) if the deadline is not met. Please note that laptops will not be provided.

Speaker’s online registration with requirements (equipment, room)by 10.05.2014
Speaker’s conference registrationby 10.07.2014

21. The speaker must reconfirm their participation in the IATEFL conference in the first week of September, i.e. by 1 September 2014. The speaker must both submit the speaker’s form and register as a regular participant which is the condition of the conference participation.


22. The Exhibitor is obliged to notify the Conference Organiser about his/her interest in renting a specified exhibit space by 10.07.2014, according to the guidelines in the online Exhibitors Form (See table below)

23. The rented stand shall be used exclusively by the Exhibitor who applied for it in the Exhibitors Form.

24. The construction of the stand may commence after 8.00 a.m. on 11.09.2014. In case of Exhibitors preferring booth stands, where the construction is more time consuming, construction teams may be allowed to commence earlier prior to Organiser’s consent.

25. The space assigned to the Exhibitor is of specified earlier size, number and location and cannot be changed under any circumstances. The time limits for the stand construction and extension are set in an appropriate form. Requirements for electricity and other media, desk and chairs should be specified in the application form within the set time limit, as later changes will not be feasible.

Booking Exhibition Spaceby 10.07.2014
Conference Programme Advertisingby 10.07.2014
Sponsorship Opportunitiesby 10.07.2014
Delivery of inserts and advertising materials for the participants’ packsby 01.09.2014

26. Each Exhibitor is obliged to register as a participant by filling in the online Registration Form, apart from Exhibitors Form. It is a prerequisite to participate in the Conference.

27. Each Advertiser is obliged to comply with the dates specified for the registration of particular forms of advertising. Materials to be included in the Conference Programme or Conference Packs received after the deadline (See the table below) will not be used. The Organiser is not liable and responsible for faults and failures of delivery services, couriers and situations beyond its control. The binding date is the date of invoice of the materials, the duty of verification lies with the Advertiser.

28. Each Exhibitor has the right to store promotional materials, books, etc. in the space provided during the Conference dates 12-14.09.2014. The Organiser shall not be held liable for the stored materials, and especially for the materials sent before and after the Conference intended for the exhibit stands, but not used by the Organiser as part of the Conference Packs. The venue of the Conference is different to the Organiser’s headquarters. Transport of the above mentioned materials is not possible and is beyond the scope of the Organiser.


29. The authority to organise the 23rd IATEFL Conference to be held in Lublin, between 12 - 14 September has been vested in Foreign Languages Teaching Centre of The University of Life Sciences in Lublin.

30. Every participant should primarily get familiar with the rulebook and accept the above regulations. Admission to the conference means that one agrees to abide by them.

31. The regulations are in force since January 1st 2014 till they are withdrawn. The organisers, however, reserve the right to alter them. Details concerning the conference venue, board, accommodation, and the like are to be found on www.iatefl.org.pl

International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language

is the organiser of the IATEFL Annual Conference:  

  • Three days of intensive training seminars, plenaries, and discussion groups, live lessons with learners
  • 120+ workshops on new teaching trends and techniques
  • Presentations given by top ELT specialists and writers- meet them in person!
  • Thousands of recent ELT publications on display & sold at generous discounted rates
  • High-quality daytime and evening social programmes
  • Approx.1,000 participants each year
  • Numerous opportunities to make new friends & forge useful business contacts
  • Over 100 items in the free prize draw including summer training courses in Great Britain
  • Wide-range of accommodation organised near the Conference venue to suit your tastes!
  • Up-to-date information and materials available on exam courses and professional bodies
  • Supportive and friendly atmosphere, aided by active monitors and IATEFL Help-desk


E-mail:  conference@iatefl.org.pl
Telephone:  (048) 510865100

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