Global Issues Pre-Conference Gdańsk 2019

Global Issues SIG Pre-Conference Event

Marzena Pepłowska and Marcin Stanowski

Friday morning Pre Conference Event of Global Issues SIG will be this time entirely devoted to CLIL. Workshops will be focused on practical applications of CLIL approach and concern Global Issues and critical thinking.

Pre-conference Event Part 1


The power of questions

Marcin Stanowski

The power of why, what, when and how is never to be overestimated. It is essential in everyday communication. It is crucial in crtitical thinking classes. It is inevitable in the CLIL lesson.

Questions are conversation starters, ice-breakers and the essence of a scientific method.

We need to prepare our students for asking questions during the lesson,  in their research and in every bit of small talk.

The first session in Global Issues Sig Pre-conference Event on Friday 20th September will be devoted to all the techniques we can use to foster student’s inquisitive mind and help them form questions which will make them socialize with others, understand the world better and most of all be Young Scientist!


Marcin Stanowski is a psychologist, trainer and a high school teacher. As an avid Moodler and an IT enthusiast obtained the European Language Label Award. Several times was a grant holder of Comenius and RELO programmes. Marcin is also Global Issues Special Interest Group Coordinator and PR for IATEFL PL and MM Publications Poland methodology expert. Marcin runs a blog at Has been training teachers in Poland, the UK, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Albania and many more. Currently interested in fostering key competencies in ELT classes and fighting hate speech and fake news.

Pre-conference Event Part 2


The Power of Feedback Feedback

Marzena Pepłowska

The Power of Feedback Feedback is an essential tool used for formative assessment and for developing critical thinking skills. During the session participants will experience the usage of feedback techniques and their role in CLIL through active participation. The discussion is to cover the differences between various types of feedback and their influence on the learning process.


Marzena Pepłowska: EFL and CLIL teacher, teacher trainer, methodology lecturer, CLIL consultant cooperating with schools, director of studies in Masters&More language school, a specialist in bilingualism in Neo Education, a graduate of Bilingual Programme for teachers, participant of a study visit to Jyvaskyla and the CLIL Teachers’ International Collaboration Project founder.

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