Global Voices – Passport to the Future, ATECR Conference Report

April 6, 2024, Prague

Plenary Session by Andrew Walkley: Using Mediation to Develop Great Outcomes

Andrew Walkley at his plenary

The Global Voices – Passport to the Future Conference held in Prague on April 6, 2024, gathered 60 participants for a day-long exploration of pressing global issues and innovative solutions in English Language Teaching. One of the standout sessions was the plenary session led by Andrew Walkley, focusing on the utilization of mediation techniques to achieve positive outcomes in various contexts of an English classroom.

Andrew Walkley’s presentation offered valuable insights into the art of mediation, providing attendees with practical tools for effective communication and conflict resolution.  Walkley’s expertise and engaging delivery sparked meaningful discussions and prompted reflection on alternative approaches to problem-solving at a school setting.

Noteworthy Sessions

Liam Peach entertaining the audience

Throughout the conference, attendees had the opportunity to engage with a diverse range of topics through twelve presentations. Among these, Liam Peach’s exploration of “Bizarre Britain: Holidays, Customs, and Traditions” stood out for its blend of humor and cultural insight. Peach’s presentation captivated participants, offering a unique perspective on British culture.

Another notable session was led by David Fisher, who discussed the concept of teaching as an art form.

David Fisher convincing the audience that teachers are great and skillful actors

Fisher’s presentation resonated with educators, emphasizing the importance of skillful creativity and innovation in the field of education. His insights left a lasting impression on participants, inspiring them to rethink traditional approaches to teachers and teaching.

Networking Opportunities

Despite the intimate setting, the conference provided ample opportunities for networking and collaboration. Representatives from Bulgaria, Slovakia, Poland exchanged ideas and forged new connections. The provided snacks and lunch further facilitated informal interactions, allowing participants to build relationships and explore potential collaborations.


International representatives

With 60 participants and twelve presentations, the Global Voices Passport to the Future Conference in Prague provided a platform for meaningful dialogue and knowledge exchange. Despite the modest turnout, the conference demonstrated the power of collaboration and collective action in addressing global challenges. As attendees departed with new insights and connections, the event served as a reminder of the importance of community and shared learning in shaping our collective future. Certainly, the hope for a return to pre-pandemic times when organisations like ATECR organised large, flourishing conferences with extensive international representation is a sentiment shared by many. The COVID-19 pandemic undoubtedly disrupted the way conferences and events were conducted, forcing organizations to adapt to virtual formats or significantly scale down their activities.

Enjoying a break with a friend Sylvie Dolakova

Thank you IATEFL Poland for allowing me to represent our Association and thank you ATECR for hosting me at your conference.

Marta Bujakowska, Liaison IATEFL Poland