REGISTRATION for 30th INTERNATIONAL IATEFL POLAND Virtual Conference 17th – 18th September 2021“The Human Dimension” is OPEN!


Registration procedure for the 30th  IATEFL Poland International Virtual Conference

1. Creating an account

At IATEFL website  there is a registration option. In order to register it is necessary to create an account:

The following fields need to be filled in: “Name”, “Surname”, E-mail”, “Password”, “Confirm Password”, and “Register”. After filling in the data (including the password created on the spot) and pressing the confirmation button, an e-mail with an activating link (which at the same time will verify whether the user uses his/her own e-mail box to which he/she has an access) will be sent to the specified e-mail address. The e-mail address from that moment on will serve as a login.

2. Registration
2.1. Personal data

After logging in, using the e-mail address and password, the user has access to the next step of the registration process. It will be checked whether the user’s name, surname, e-mail address and password are already in the database. If it is so, the form will be automatically completed with personal data. However, it is still possible to modify the data (except for the membership number and e-mail address). For users who will not be found in the database the personal data fields will remain empty.

2.2 Acceptance of the rules
Before sending the application the user should accept the rules of the conference which will be shown on the screen.

2.3 Fees
The next screen will display options concerning the choice of fee and payment deadlines (early, final). The time of the receiving the payment at the IATEFL account will influence the fee regardless of the on-line option chosen. The options available for IATEFL members will not be available for other participants.

2.4 Options
Additional options to choose from are: certificate of attendance, invoice (including fields NIP, name and address of the recipient), permission to put the name and surname in the conference materials, permission to send personal data to other organizations and registering to the E- Bulletin mailing list. The invoice will be sent online.

2.5 Confirmation by the user
Finally, the next screen will display all the entered data, chosen options and total cost. It will be possible to go back, change and confirm the data. After the confirmation an e-mail will be sent to the user and organizers.

2.8 Confirmation by the organizers
The last screen displays the confirmation of registration and the bank account number for payments. You can use an online payment option as well. This is the last stage of the registration procedure.

Registration Fees 30th IATEFL Poland International Conference 2021

 REGISTRATIONEarly do/by 20.08.2021Final do/by 15.09.2021
IATEFL Members250zł310zł
Non-IATEFL Members320zł380zł

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