“The Human Dimension”


17th – 18th September 2021

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We cordially invite you to the 30th IATEFL Poland Annual International Conference which, due to the present uncertain situation, will again be organized as an online event. However, In view of the very positive response to our first IATEFL Poland Online Conference last year, due in no small part to the excellent assistance and support we received from all sides – participants, speakers, exhibitors and technicians – we are sure that this year’s conference will also be a great success and worthy of our 30th Anniversary.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic in Spring 2020, all stakeholders in EFL have been mainly focusing on methods and materials suitable for transferring teaching skills to the new online environment (‘from ROOM to ZOOM’), and many techniques and materials have been developed to provide support in this direction.

One element that has proved more difficult to deal with is the area of personal interaction. Language is a collaborative activity that can only be effective together with other people. And language learning requires motivation, which can suffer when students spend their time isolated in front of their computer screen.

For this reason, the motto for the IATEFL Poland 2021 30th Conference is:

The Human Dimension

The aim is to provide teachers with the latest and most effective methods and materials to help bridge the interpersonal gaps that can occur ‘between ROOM and ZOOM’. In this way, we hope to develop and extend teachers’ expertise in meeting the needs of their students. And, as a bonus, most of these approaches will of course be equally relevant when the present situation is over and we can all return to face-to-face teaching.