Closing the GENDER GAP in/by teaching

Magdalena Kania


We live in a world of widespread gender inequality, where harmful gender norms and default assumptions are perpetuated. In this session we will look at various ways gender biases can be noticed, identified and addressed in our classrooms. I will present some alarming discoveries, but also share some game-changing practices that I apply into my teaching to close the gender gap.


A teacher, teacher mentor, teacher trainer and her private language school's Director of Studies. She runs workshops worldwide and is a regular speaker at the international conferences.
One of the key trainers in the conference series by PEARSON. A graduate of The Expert of Brain Training studies at SWPS Poland.
Innovative projects and trainings that combine the latest methodological knowledge with practical classroom application became her trademark. Her ideas are widely popular because of their simplicity and efficiency.

Presentation Details

Type of presentation: Talk
Presentation is for: General audience
Presentation focuses on: EFL education
Presentation Coding: Global Issues (GI) Non-Commercial
Speaking on behalf of a publisher, examination board, or commercial organisation? No

Scheduled for

Date: Saturday, 2022-09-17, 17:30 - 18:10
Place: Lecture Hall 4.7