The Power of Emotions

Katarzyna Wiącek, Katarzyna Sochacka


Is there room for emotions, feelings and empathy at school? Are there any emotions that shouldn't be discussed with your students? How can we develop empathy among students? Should we, as teachers, work on our empathy? During our workshop you'll find answers to these questions. You'll find out how to identify your emotions and what purpose emotions serve. You'll get to know different levels of empathy and receive ready-to-use activities for you as well as your students. The workshop will be very practical and empathetic - because education is not only knowledge but also relations.


Katarzyna Wiącek is an English teacher, ELT materials writer and teacher trainer with 16 years of experience. She loves engaging her students by using simple activities which promote critical thinking and diversity. She has been running her own website Enjoy English since April 2016 ( where she helps teachers save their time by sharing different ideas for lessons and ready materials for different levels.

Katarzyna Sochacka is a teacher, coach and teacher trainer. She has been working as an English teacher for over 16 years. As her students are mainly teenagers & adults, she aims at interweaving teaching English with a variety of important topics, such as tolerance, stereotypes or life priorities.
Her main interest is psychology. Katarzyna runs a blog at and creates teaching materials.

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Type of presentation: Workshop
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Date: Saturday, 2022-09-17, 11:30 - 12:30
Place: Lecture Hall 4.09