Digital English Teacher in post-Covid school – new skills and challenges ahead

Sarah Ellis


The use of technology and digital resources during the pandemic has shown that we can and should be taking advantage of technology where we can to support learning and to increase student engagement. Digital tools and resources enable teachers to deal with the new ‘norm’ and different classroom contexts whether they are teaching synchronously, asynchronously or in a hybrid classroom. However, it’s not just about the tools or activities, teachers need to make sure students are getting the most out of every lesson and that they are aware of the methodology behind the choices they are making as well. This session will consider the use of technology in the current context and look at ideas and activities that can incorporate technology, increase student engagement and lead to more effective learning and teaching.


Sarah Ellis is currently working as Senior Manager, Assessment Services, Europe for Cambridge University Press & Assessment. She is based in Bologna, Italy. Sarah is interested in Assessment, Learning & Professional Development and has an extensive background in teaching, teacher training, assessment and exam management. She has trained teachers on CELTA and DELTA courses and is currently involved in the Cambridge Assessment English teacher support programme which provides information, materials and support for teachers and academic directors. She is particularly interested in supporting teachers in developing digital skills and assessment literacy.

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Type of presentation: Talk
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Presentation focuses on: EFL education
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Scheduled for

Date: Sunday, 2022-09-18, 09:00 - 10:00
Place: prof.Ziembińskiego Aula