Coding, rhythm and music in teaching very young learners.

Anna Rattenbury


Have you ever thought that using classical music, rhythm and beat together with coding can help children learn English? If you are in doubt, please feel welcome to attend my practical hands-on session full of sometimes mind-blowing but useful and fun activities. All have been tested and tried in my Musical Babies sessions I am the author of.


Anna Rattenbury is the author of MUSICAL BABIES and MUSICAL ENGLISH – teaching English through classical music, songs and rhymes to babies as young as 6 months old.teaching and NIÑOS MUSICALES- teaching Spanish through music to children aged 2-7 years old. All three methods are run as a successful franchise systems since 2003

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Type of presentation: Workshop
Presentation is for: General audience
Presentation focuses on: Primary education
Presentation Coding: Young Learners (YL) Commercial
Speaking on behalf of a publisher, examination board, or commercial organisation? Yes, Musical Babies

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Date: Sunday, 2022-09-18, 12:40 - 13:20
Place: Lecture Hall 4.7