Projects with relations at heart

Daniel Starski


This presentation summarizes my 10 years with implementing projects in daily curriculum. In it I am going to share with you the core reasoning behind using projects, ready-made ideas of implementation and some thoughts I have after my students feedback.


IATEFL member since 2016, PASE since 2020, conference speaker, teacher (dyplomowany) at XXVIII high school in Warsaw and at TE Sokrates, examiner of 8th graders exam and matura (weryfikator), keen biker and dog owner

Presentation Details

Type of presentation: Talk
Presentation is for: General audience
Presentation focuses on: Secondary education
Presentation Coding: General (GEN) Non-Commercial
Speaking on behalf of a publisher, examination board, or commercial organisation? No

Scheduled for

Date: Sunday, 2022-09-18, 10:10 - 11:10
Place: Lecture Hall 4.7