A Picture is Worth ... at Least 3 activities

Josipa Junković


In a world where our students communicate mainly by photos, let's bring to our classrooms thought-provoking photos to teach and polish speaking and writing. This workshop includes 4 such photos with a minimum of 3 activities for each photo. The activities are aimed at practising speaking and writing on different levels of students' knowledge.


Josipa Junković is a teacher of English and Russian languages from Zabok, Croatia. After graduating from the Faculty of humanities and social sciences in Zagreb, she started working as a teacher in a foreign language school. Josipa continued her career in Krapina high school, where she is currently teaching English. Josipa enjoys a good read and traveling in her free time.

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Type of presentation: Workshop
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Presentation focuses on: Secondary education
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Date: Sunday, 2022-09-18, 11:30 - 12:30
Place: Lecture Hall 4.11