About us

The full name of our organisation is Stowarzyszenie Nauczycieli Języka Angielskiego w Polsce IATEFL Poland

We are an Associate Member of IATEFL: International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language – a teachers’ organisation with its headquarters in Great Britain.

Membership of our organisation is open to all teachers of English in Poland, both active and retired, and to students of Teacher Training Colleges and English Language Faculties.

Our activities comprise:

  1. Regular workshop meetings in regional centres, run by members and/or invited guests, covering matters of professional interest to the members.
  2. An annual two or three-day conference, with papers, workshops and presentations, as well as exhibitions of books and other teaching materials.
    1st IATEFL Conference in Karniowice – April 1992 (ca 400 participants)
    2nd IATEFL Conference in Kraków – October 1993 (ca 500 participants)
    3rd IATEFL Conference in Kielce – November 1994 (ca 580 participants)
    4th IATEFL Conference in Gdańsk – November 1995 (ca 650 participants)
    5th IATEFL Conference in Poznań – November 1996 (ca 800 participants)
    6th IATEFL Conference in Łódź – November 1997 (ca 850 participants)
    7th IATEFL Conference in Wrocław – November 1998 (ca 900 participants)
    8th IATEFL Conference in Katowice – November 1999 (ca 850 participants)
    9th IATEFL Conference in Kraków – November 2000 (ca 1000 participants)
    10th Anniversary IATEFL Conference in Warsaw – September 2001 (ca 1100 participants)
    11th IATEFL Conference in Poznań – November 2002 (ca 1000 participants)
    12th IATEFL Conference in Wrocław – September 2003 (ca 1000 participants)
    13th IATEFL Conference in Radom – September 2004 (ca 1000 participants)
    14th IATEFL Conference in Torun – September 2005 (ca 900 participants)
    15th IATEFL Conference in Poznan – September 2006 (ca 900 participants)
    16th IATEFL Conference in Łódź – September 2007 (ca 1000 participants)
    17th IATEFL Conference in Łódź – September 2008 (ca 900 participants)
    18th IATEFL Conference in Poznań – September 2009 (ca 700 participants)
    19th IATEFL Conference in Bydgoszcz – September 2010 (ca 700 participants)
    20th IATEFL Conference in Warszawa – September 2011 (ca 1000 participants)
    21st IATEFL Conference in Wrocław – September 2012 (ca 900 participants)
    22nd IATEFL Conference in Łódź – September 2013 (ca 700 participants)
    23rd IATEFL Conference in Lublin – September 2014 (ca 700 participants)
    24th IATEFL Conference in Kraków – September 2015 (ca 1100 participants)
    25th IATEFL Conference in Szczecin- September 2016 (ca 800 participants)
    26th IATEFL Conference in Bielsko-Biała- September 2017 (ca 700 participants)
    27th IATEFL Conference in Wrocław – September 2018 (ca 1100 participants)
    28th IATEFL Conference in Gdańsk – September 2019 (ca 1000 participants)
    29th ELT Professional Development Event IATEFL PL ON-LINE MEET-UP (ca 650 participants)
    30th IATEFL Conference -Virtual – September 2021 (ca 350 participants)
  3. The publication of a newsletter, with articles and other contributions from members of IATEFL all over the world and the administration of the IATEFL Poland web site.
  4. Activities of SIGs – Special Interest Groups – sub-units within the Association – with their own membership, meetings, newsletters, etc. Nine SIGs have been set up so far.

IATEFL Poland maintains contacts with teachers’ organisations in Poland and other countries. It is a member of:

  • NELLE: Network English Language Learning in Europe
  • IC/NCTE: International Consortium of the National Council of Teachers of English (an American organisation).

The Association invites teachers from parallel organisations to its conferences, and sponsors attendance of its members at events in Poland and abroad.