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A letter to all IATEFL Poland members


My name is Marta Bujakowska. I have been a volunteer for IATEFL Poland since 1994. At present I hold the position of Liaison Officer. I am responsible for starting and maintaining good relations with IATEFL Poland partner associations. For the past few years, I have also volunteered for IATEFL where I have served on the Associates’ Committee.

I am excited to connect with you. Over the years, my involvement in various capacities within our IATEFL Poland has allowed me to witness the incredible growth and expertise that each member brings to the table.

As a passionate advocate for continuous learning and professional development, I encourage all association members to consider submitting proposals and attending our partners’ conferences. These events provide a unique opportunity for us to broaden our horizons, stay abreast of the latest industry trends, and forge meaningful connections with professionals from around the world.

By actively participating in our partners’ conferences, we not only contribute to the knowledge-sharing ecosystem but also gain valuable insights that can enhance our own practices. The diverse range of topics and perspectives covered in these conferences ensures a rich and dynamic learning experience for everyone involved.

Attending these conferences is not just about personal growth; it is also an opportunity to represent IATEFL Poland on a broader stage. Your presence and contributions can showcase the depth of expertise within our community, fostering collaboration and partnerships that benefit us all.

Submitting proposals to present at these conferences is an excellent way to share your unique insights, experiences, and research with a wider audience. It not only adds value to the conference but also establishes our association as a hub for innovation and thought leadership in our field.

I urge each member to explore the upcoming conferences organized by our partners, consider submitting proposals, and actively participate in these enriching experiences. Together, we can continue to elevate our association and contribute to the collective advancement of our profession.

Thank you for your dedication, and I look forward to seeing our association shine on the global stage through your active participation in IATEFL Poland’s and our partners’ conferences.

Best regards,

Marta Bujakowska

Liaison Officer, IATEFL Poland

You will find a detailed instruction how to apply below this letter.

To enhance an applicant’s eligibility for a grant, the following steps should be taken:

1. Ensure Active Membership:

 – Maintain an active membership at IATEFL Poland.

2. Submit Presentation Approval

 – Forward a comprehensive presentation proposal to the Associate’s Conference organisers and after it has been accepted send it to the Liaison Officer of IATEFL Poland via email at:

3. Selection by Recruitment Committee:

 – Await the decision of the Recruitment Committee to determine if selected to represent IATEFL Poland.

In addition to the outlined steps, it is crucial for the applicant to effectively represent IATEFL Poland by adhering to specific presentation guidelines:

A. Represent IATEFL Poland Effectively:

  – Strive to be a strong ambassador for IATEFL Poland, showcasing the organization’s values and objectives throughout the Conference. Look for and get contact information on possible exhibitors and speakers for IATEFL Poland.

B. Use IATEFL Poland Presentation Template:

  – Prepare the slides for the presentation using the official IATEFL Poland Template. This ensures a consistent and professional representation of the association’s branding and visual identity.

By following these additional recommendations, the applicant not only demonstrates a commitment to the association’s standards but also contributes to maintaining a cohesive and recognizable image for IATEFL Poland during the Partner’s Conference

4. Post-Selection Responsibilities of a delegate:

 – If chosen, the applicant must commit to writing a detailed conference report and supply a few conference photos. This report is expected to be published in the association’s Newsletter after the conclusion of the conference.

For applicants selected to represent IATEFL Poland, the association pledges the following support:

 Financial Assistance:

   – Contribution towards travel expenses or accommodation, if apply (the amount may vary based on the country where the conference is held). The expected amount is stated in the table listing IATEFL Poland partners upcoming conferences.

For any inquiries or clarifications, interested members are encouraged to reach out to the Liaison Officer at: This contact can be used to address any questions or concerns regarding the application process or grant details.