Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the benefits of joining IATEFL Poland?

Our Association offers you an opportunity to network with other members, you receive an excellent e-newsletter, you can join also smaller groups of your colleagues within so called Regions and SIG-s (Special Interest Group) – a variety of activities fulfilling your hobbies or professional interests.

You are most welcome to join also our most important event – the international conference, that happens every September.

2. What happens at regional or SIG-s event?

They are an opportunity to socialize with colleagues over coffee and to listen to talks and presentations. The event called a workshop or presentation usually lasts around 45-60 minutes. At the end there is some question-time.

3. Can I take part in an event without becoming a member?

Yes, you may join it as a guest, paying some little money.

4. Can I join IATEFL Poland being not a teacher?

Definitely yes! It is not true that you have to be an established teacher to join IATEFL Poland. An excellent time to join a professional organization is your studies or college time.

5. Is IATEFL Poland only for university teachers?

Definitely not! We have a very broad membership which includes primary school teachers, gymnasium teachers, secondary school teachers, publishers and many others.

6. Can IATEFL Poland find a job for me?

No, but it is certainly the best place to find it by talking to other members and through networking within the association.

7. Can I be a volunteer for IATEFL Poland?

Definitely yes! You can help the event’s organizer or give your own ideas to organize any event.
You can be a monitor during any event – even during our international conference.

8. Can I make a presentation at the annual conference?

Yes, you can put your application on our website online registration in advance of the annual conference. Complete this by the deadline and your application will go before a committee who decides which applications are accepted.

9. Can I stand for the Board at the next election?

Definitely yes! If you have been a fully paid-up member for a year or more. It is a good idea to get experience as a volunteer before doing this.