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10th Anniversary META Moldova Conference Report

Being the opening plenary speaker at the 10th anniversary META Moldova Future Ed Conference, on behalf of IATEFL Poland, was a truly enriching experience. This remarkable event brought together a diverse group of educators, innovators, and learners, all united by a shared passion for reimagining the future of education. What made this experience uniquely valuable was not just the opportunity to share insights and innovations in teaching and learning but also the vibrant atmosphere of collaboration and exchange.

Among the audience, the presence of thirty teens added a dynamic layer to the discourse, reminding us of the real-world impact and relevance of our discussions. These young individuals, with their curiosity, energy, and willingness to embrace new ideas, epitomized the transformative potential of education. Their active participation and insightful questions highlighted the critical importance of making education accessible, engaging, and relevant to the digital generation. Their perspectives served as a powerful reminder that at the heart of educational innovation lies the learner’s journey.

The conference, with its blend of visionary talks, practical workshops, and meaningful interactions, underscored the importance of community, creativity, and technology in shaping the future of education. It was a privilege to contribute to such a forward-thinking forum, and the experience has left me with a renewed commitment to advancing educational excellence and inclusivity.

Rob Howard
IATEFL Poland President
Stowarzyszenie Nauczycieli Języka Angielskiego w Polsce IATEFL Poland
tel. (048) 503017030