Warsaw Teachers’ Development Day

WARSAW REGION: ‘Teachers’ Development Day’ –  January the 11th, 2020, 8.45 am -12.45.

Start the New Year with a bang! Come to IATEFL Poland’s Warsaw Region’s Workshop Day, and ‘re-charge your batteries’ for 2020! Three sessions – all immensely valuable – are on offer, with three notable speakers in action: yes, Dr. Monika Izbaner, David Fisher, and Marcin Stanowski.

The venue (which is a new one): is:    XIX LO im. Powstanców Warszawy, ul.Zbaraska 1, 04-014 Warszawa.

Monika will be presenting a session outlining the values and process when implementing an Oxford Debate. It’s a unique form of presentation, and a very skilled version of debating, using techniques your students will love employing. Her previous Conference demonstration of the Oxford Debate at Wrocław, was a resounding success, and those who attended it, still have fond memories of the session. This will astound you, if you have not seen an Oxford debate in action before. Absolutely worth a trip to Warsaw!

David Fisher, is well-known to all of you as the leader of the Bear Theatre Group, based in Prague. His individual presentations are also always a delight to attend, full of substance and good tips. Here, in Warsaw, he will show us how to create a good atmosphere in the classroom. That’s easier said than done, but David will, I am sure, make you feel assured and confident of applying such techniques. Another not-to-be missed workshop, sure to be full of humour and grace!

Last but not least, Warsaw has its own star, Marcin Stanowski, a man famous for his webinars, his IATEFL Global Issues SIG, and the IATEFL Facebook page. Also, IATEFL’s Mr. PR, serving on the main Executive Committee, Marcin is an extremely busy man in demand, but he will be in attendance on January the 11th, to deliver yet another intriguing workshop, based upon Global Issues. This will round off a full and exciting programme, which will provide you with a new approach to classroom teaching, new techniques, and relevant, cultural and topical content. Sounds good? It promises to be an excellent day, full of benefits for dedicated teachers.

Costs:  For IATEFL members, the day is free-of-charge. Wow!
For Non-IATEFL members, there will be charge of 40zł.
For IATEFL members, please bring your IATEFL Poland membership ID,
and for Non-IATEFL members, please bring your proof of payment.

How to pay: Please pay into  IATEFL Poland’s bank account, (see the main website  for the address and other details), making sure that IATEFL does not bear any costs from the transaction. Use the title and date: (‘Teachers’ Development Day’, January the 11th, 2020, Warsaw).

How to get there: From the Central Railway Station tram nr 24 or 9 in the direction of Wiatraczna, bus 158,  get off at the stop called “Kinowa”.

See you at the event,
Joanna Perkowska-Whiley (Warsaw Region Co-ordinator).