AI (and) coursebook – a webinar by Agnieszka Burzyńska

Dear Colleagues,

IATEFL Poland and Agnieszka Burzyńska, an English teacher at Film School in Lodz and a methodologist at the English Language Centre,

have the pleasure to invite you to the webinar,

which will take place on Wednesday, 24th of January 2024, between 20.30 and 21.30 CET.

Your registration will be made via Zoom platform.

This webinar is titled:

“AI (and) coursebook

Summary: How to intelligently use AI in class preparation. 15 practical types of exercises that AI will create for us in a split of a second. How to ask questions, how to create commands for AI to get linguistically valuable materials. On the basis of a random unit from a random coursebook.

During the webinar all participants will be provided with a certificate of participation, which they will be able to download.

IATEFL Poland members have priority of registration for this webinar.

Do not delay. The number of participants is limited.

Professional profile

Agnieszka Burzyńska

A technology enthusiast and a collector of innovations, she easily gets carried away. An English teacher at Film School in Lodz and a methodologist at the English Language Centre. Either in the process of self-training or in between trainings.

Loves the Internet, smartphones, and artificial intelligence. Hates wasting time on activities that can be done by technology in all its forms. Other obsessions – games, simulations, role-playing, quizzes, drama, impro and brainstorming.


On behalf of IATEFL Poland

Webinar organisers:

Anna Rogalewicz-Gałucka

Chief Administrative Officer


Lucyna Wilinkiewicz-Górniak

Webinars’ Coordinator

Kraków Region Representative


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