Building Cross-cultural Curriculum in ESP Classroom – a webinar by Tamari Dolidze

Dear Colleagues,

IATEFL Poland and Tamari Dolidze, Associate Professsor of BSMA/PI

have the pleasure to invite you to the webinar,

which will take place on Wednesday, 31st of January 2024, between 20.30 and 21.30 CET.

Your registration will be made via Zoom platform.

This webinar is titled:

Building Cross-cultural Curriculum in ESP Classroom


In today’s globalized word building a cross-cultural curriculum has become an essential aspect of language education. This approach focuses on preparing students to effectively communicate and navigate cultural differences in professional contexts. Developing a cross-cultural curriculum should begin with understanding the diverse cultural backgrounds of the students in EFL Classroom. This involves recognizing their values, beliefs, customs, and communication styles. By acknowledging and respecting these differences, teachers can create a safe and inclusive environment that promotes intercultural understanding.

Therefore, the talk will focus on effective ways of building Cross-Cultural curriculum at the example of integrating Digital Intercultural Story Telling in ESP Classroom, which can serve as a powerful way to promote cultural understanding, empathy, and digital literacy among the learners. Effective strategies to incorporate intercultural digital storytelling in the classroom will be demonstrated together with draft scenario: Exploring Cultural Identities through Digital Storytelling.

After the webinar all participants will receive a certificate of participation.

IATEFL Poland members have priority of registration for this webinar.

Do not delay. The number of participants is limited.

Professional profile

Tamari Dolidze

Dr. Tamar Dolidze is an Associate Professor of Batumi State Maritime Academy (Georgia), Faculty of Business and Management. Since 2020 she has been elected as an Associate Professor of the Online University – Pegaso International Group (based in Malta) with a subject: Communications and Language Philosophy. Dr. Tamari Dolidze has also been a guest lecturer/visiting professor (Legal English and Business Communications) at foreign universities, participant of Erasmus Teaching Mobility Program; She is a reviewer of the International Journal of Linguistics, Language and Culture and organizational committee member of Eurasian Multidisciplinary Forum (ESI); A member of the Editorial team of the International Journal of Knowledge and Learning (IJKL) and International Journal of Digital Humanities (Scopus Indexed). She is an Invited /Plenary Speaker at several International Conferences and Webinars.


On behalf of IATEFL Poland

Webinar organisers:

Anna Rogalewicz-Gałucka

Chief Administrative Officer


Lucyna Wilinkiewicz-Górniak

Webinars’ Coordinator

Kraków Region Representative


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