32nd IATEFL  POLAND Conference

Wrocław, 22nd– 24th  September 2023

Teachers for Teachers!

The Organising Committee: IATEFL Poland

&  Department of Foreign Languages Wrocław University of Science and Technology



 for the greatest ELT event in Continental Europe!

REGISTER NOW: https://iatefl.org.pl/conference/index.php?a=login

We cordially invite you to the 32nd IATEFL Poland Conference in Wrocław.
The conference is one of the largest events for teachers of English as a foreign language with hundreds of participants willing to seek new ways and innovative solutions to be adopted in the learning-teaching environment.  The conference theme is: From the Classroom to the World.

The programme includes more than 100 sessions!

Live lessons and Advanced lessons for teachers!

Some of the highlights to look out for include  presentations by:

Peter Grundy  ‘The tongue is the strongest muscle’: public language, pragmatics and language teaching”

Prof. Alicja Gałązka “Psychological flexibility as a remedy in buidling teachers’ and students well-being” IATEFL Poland

Prof. Jacek Pyżalski  “Co nowego wiemy o wykorzystaniu technologii przez młodych ludzi i co tego wynika dla szkoły”

Magda Zawadzka “Great Expectations – unlocking your students’ potential with the help of the Four Tendencies” IATEFL Poland

Bethany Cagnol “ Best of the Best Role Plays for Meetings” IATEFL /Telecom Paris

Jennifer Uhler “From Deep Fake to Deep Learning: Media Literacy in ELT” U.S. Embassy

 Monika Cichmińska  “Speak smart, not hard – or 5 reasons why speaking in and beyond the classroom is wise” Macmillan Education

Hugh Dellar “Beyond the native speaker paradigm” National Geographic Learning Polska

Helen Kenyon” Small talk: encouraging communication in the young learner classroom” Cambridge University Press & Assessment

Czesław Kiński i Jacek Łagun “Education: enabling or disabling – a subjective attempt at a balanced view of modern education”

Urszula Kropaczewska “Motivated teachers means motivated students MMPublications”

Mike Mayor  “What lies ahead? Language learning and teaching in 2030 and beyond” Pearson

Claudia Molnar “The words we don’t use” MMPublications

Ron Mukerji “How can you use artificial intelligence in language teaching?”

Piotr Steinbrich “Redefining the principles – paradigm shift(s) in FL education”  Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN S.A.

Grzegorz Śpiewak “How to make sense of global skills behind YOUR teenage classroom” doors” Macmillan Education

If you have any questions about the event or require additional information, please send your query to conference@iatefl.org.pl.