Who needs a lesson plan? Not me! – a webinar by Maria-Araxi Sachpazian

Dear Colleagues,

IATEFL Poland and Maria-Araxi Sachpazian, Managing Director of Input on Education

have the pleasure to invite you to the first webinar in 2024,

which will take place on Wednesday, 3rd of January 2024, between 20.30 and 21.30 CET.

Your registration will be made via Zoom platform.

This webinar is titled:

“Who needs a lesson plan? Not me!


Lesson planning features prominently in all teacher-training courses. Student teachers train to get accustomed to planning details of lessons which have not yet existed and to outline specific steps and sub steps. This training leads teachers to feel that lesson planning is not a tool but simply an assessment method for teaching courses. This notion presents lessons plan as a tedious form filled with details that teachers feel they have already in their heads. The truth might be quite different. This session aims to discuss the place of lesson planning in the broader pedagogic deliberation of teachers. We will discuss the different kinds of lesson plans and the purposes they serve. Finally, we will analyse the parts of a comprehensive lesson plan to examine why we need each one of these parts.

During the webinar all participants will be provided with a certificate of participation, which they will be able to download.

IATEFL Poland members have priority of registration for this webinar.

Do not delay. The number of participants is limited.

Professional profile

Maria-Araxi Sachpazian

Maria-Araxi Sachpazian BA education / RSA dip/tefl (hons) is a practicing EFL Teacher and a Lecturer in the Department of Humanities of CITY College, University of York Europe Campus. She is the owner and Managing Director ofInput on Education, a company that provides Academic and Business support services for foreign language schools. Maria frequently presents at conferences and writes articles related to her special research interests which are materials evaluation and adaptation, digital teaching, and the construction of teacher identity. She also serves on the IATEFL Membership Committee and is the Chair of TESOL Macedonia-Thrace, Northern Greece.


On behalf of IATEFL Poland

Webinar organisers:

Anna Rogalewicz-Gałucka

Chief Administrative Officer


Lucyna Wilinkiewicz-Górniak

Webinars’ Coordinator

Kraków Region Representative


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