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Report: 45th TESOL Annual International Convention, held on 9th-10th March 2024 in Piraeus 

Report: 45th TESOL Annual International Convention, held on 9th-10th March 2024  in PiraeusThe 45th TESOL Annual International Convention held in Piraeus was an enriching experience for educators and experts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). Over two days, the convention provided a platform for sharing innovative ideas and best practices in English language teaching. Most of the sessions kept to the Convention theme: Beyond Language: Towards Global Mindset.

Pre-Conference Dinner: A Multicultural Gathering 

Prior to the commencement of the convention, a vibrant pre-conference dinner was hosted at a traditional Greek restaurant. Attendees from various countries, including Great Britain, Cyprus, North Macedonia, Serbia, India, Japan, the United States, and represented by two enthusiastic educators from IATEFL Poland, came together for an evening of cross-cultural exchange and camaraderie. As guests savored delicious Greek cuisine, they engaged in lively conversations, sharing anecdotes, experiences, and insights from their respective contexts in English language teaching. And all of it happened with Greek music and dances in the background. The dinner provided a valuable opportunity for networking and building connections, setting the stage for fruitful discussions during the upcoming convention. Every night thereafter, attendees were hosted with delightful Greek snacks and a glass of wine, adding to the warm atmosphere and offering a moment of relaxation after the day’s events. The evening entertainment on Saturday included reciting Shakespeare’s poems on women: “Shakespeare’s Unruly Women” Performers: Suzanne Antonaros, Lilika Couri, Alan Maley, Anna Papadaki, Luke Prodromou, Penelope Prodromou, Vicky Saran Russell Stannard, Ken Wilson.On Sunday we had a chance to watch a film “It’s just Business” – A Greek premiere of a surreal short film, based on a poem by a 16-year-old student, directed by Judy Boyle.  Both events were interesting and thought-provoking.

Plenary Sessions:

1. Aleksandra Popovski – ”Reading the World” – Graphic Novels: Aleksandra Popovski explored the use of graphic novels to enhance reading comprehension and cultural understanding in language learning.

2. Rachel Paling – Coaching in ELT: Rachel Paling’s session emphasized the integration of coaching techniques in language teaching to empower students in their learning journey.

3. Michael Robbs – “Excellence in Teaching and Learning – it’s a matter of Habit!”: Michael Robbs underscored the importance of cultivating habits of excellence in education for both teachers and learners.

4. Dr. Ofelia Garcia – “Translanguaging: Changing Epistemologies in Applied Linguistics”. Dr Garcia explored the definition of translanguaging and how useful this concept might be in the multilingual and multicultural EFL classroom.

IATEFL Poland at the convention:

IATEFL POLAND nominated two representatives for the convention: Marta Bujakowska  (IATEFL Poland Committee Member and Liason Officer) and dr Urszula Majdańska-Wachowicz  (IATEFL Poland, Zielona Gora University, ILO w Głogowie).

Marta Bujakowska’s workshop:

In almost the final workshop, run by Marta Bujakowska participants engaged in a session focusing on the art of asking thoughtful questions to elicit genuine and valuable information.

Dr Urszula Majdańska-Wachowicz’s  workshops:

Ula’s first workshop was a solo presentation: “Let’s Sing PRESENT: Toward a Global Mindset”. Ula created her little classroom where participants were engaged in every stage of a live lesson designed by Ula. The lesson aimed to revise present tenses and introduce a “carpe diem” attitude at the same time. One song was a platform of reference to indicate the live in the moment philosophy.  Another workshop Ula delivered was in collaboration with her good friend and colleague Tanya Aviv Adler Stein (ETAI Israel)  “Learn Locally, Speak Globally – A Workshop on Teaching Speaking”. In the first part, Tanya shared her ideas on teaching speaking young learners. In the second part, Ula demonstrated the shadowing technique to enhance speaking and communicative competence among teenagers and university students.

Some workshops Marta attended:

  1. Cliff Perry – “Educating the Mind without Educating the Heart is no education at all”: Cliff Perry’s workshop focused on holistic education, integrating cognitive and socio-emotional learning.
  2. Maria Araxi-Sachpazian and Tanya Livarda – “Developing Global Mindset in Students on Higher Level of English”: This workshop offered practical strategies for fostering a global mindset among proficient English learners.
  3. Nausheen Khan – “Global Perspectives: Fostering Literacy in Japanese Classroom with Refugees” provided insights into teaching English from an Indian/Japanese perspective, highlighting cultural nuances and effective pedagogical approaches in a country with few refugees but within a global context.
  4. Dr Urszula Majdańska-Wachowicz and Tanya Aviv Stein ETAI Israel Colleague – “Learn locally, speak globally” – the workshop on teaching speaking. This workshop explored innovative techniques for teaching speaking skills in an interconnected world, focusing on cross-cultural communication.

Some workshops Ula attended:

  1. Dr Helen Stavrou & Eleni Varvaloukas-Ioannou –“ELT in Higher Education: From Classroom Practices to a Global Mindset”. This workshop provided practical insights as to how ELT practices can encourage students towards the development of a global mindset through the use of pop songs like “An Englishman in New York” by Sting. The presenters prepared impressive worksheets based on the song lyrics.
  2. Tanya Stein Aviv – “Integrating Art into the Language Arts Curriculum”. The presentation encouraged teachers to participate in a drama-based story. The presenter utilised different props, literature, singing, and dancing which turned the workshop to an interactive class full of movement and fun.
  3. Marta Bujakowska – “Mastering the Art of Thoughtful Questions” – the workshop explored  the art of asking thoughtful questions to stimulate critical thinking and meaningful dialogue, e.g. how to distinguish facts from opinions. Practical hints were provided alongside activities to be used in the classroom right away.


The 45th TESOL Annual International Convention in Piraeus provided a diverse range of plenary sessions and workshops, offering valuable insights and strategies for educators in the field of English language teaching. Attendees departed with renewed inspiration and a toolkit of innovative approaches to enhance teaching and learning practices in their respective contexts in the Global World. The convention exemplified the spirit of international cooperation and mutual learning, reinforcing the bonds of friendship and solidarity among educators dedicated to advancing English language education worldwide.

Thank you IATEFL Poland for making it possible for us. Thank you TESOL Greece for having us at this special Anniversary Convention. It was an inspiring conference full of wonderful plenary sessions and useful workshops.  We are grateful for this time of sharing and learning. Hope to you all at the 46th TESOL Greece Convention held on 8-9 March 2025. Last but not least, congratulations to our new TESOL Greece board members.

Marta Bujakowska & Urszula Majdańska-Wachowicz